A Christmas Carol Background

Karla Sherfy

Charles Dickens

  • Charles lived from 1812 - 1870.
  • He was married to Catherine Hogarth.
  • They had at least ten kids together.
  • Charles wrote twenty books.
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Industrial Era

  • This era began in Britain in the 18th century.
  • It was created to raise peoples standards of living.
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Victorian Era

  • The Victorian Era was from 1837-1901.
  • This era was the period of Queen Victoria's reign.
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Child Labor & Poverty

  • This era of time began because the children were smaller and could fit in the factories.
  • It was easier for the kids to maneuver around the small spaces.
  • Also they didn't have to be paid as much as adults did.
  • The kids parents needed money to get out of debt jail.
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