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April / May / June 2018

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Field Day Fun

What a year it has been! We started with the excitement of a solar eclipse, showed community spirit through Hurricane Harvey, played in the snow, and threw in an ice day for good measure. We celebrated Sablatura's twentieth year, and are looking forward to seeing our new band hall, science labs and entry when construction is complete.

GTA students have worked hard this year, producing outstanding TPSP products and presentations for the GTA Showcase and excelling at competitions (First Place TCEA Robotics, Ninth Place TMSCA State meet, Quiz Bowl Champs, and FPS International Competition!) This last nine weeks, our classrooms were buzzing with excitement as students learned from guest speakers like the Bee Lady and Mr. Floyd. Students had fun and learned so much through owl pellet dissections, lava labs, podcasts, edible Australia maps, and a Scrabble tournament.

Field Day was a fun way to end our school year with friends. Take a look at the link below for more fun photos.

GTA Student Showcase

The Pearland ISD Education Support Center was the place to be on the evening of May 2nd. The rooms and hallways were overflowing with parents, grandparents, friends and community members who came to view the outstanding Texas Performance Standards Projects (TPSP) completed by Sablatura GTA students.

Sixth grade students guided guests through creative scrapbooks, blogs, vlogs and interviews that documented their their trips to countries around the world. They shared artifacts collected on their travels and explained their budget and itinerary used to plan their journey.

Fifth grade students gave outstanding professional presentations about their areas of expertise, as a result of in depth research done during the first semester. Some of the topics explored were: Deforestation, Lack of Water in Africa, Drones, Genetic Engineering, Future Delivery Systems, and Women at War. Several of the quilts will be on display throughout the Pearland community this summer.

Not only do students learn about the topics they research, but perhaps more importantly, they learn to set goals, manage a long term project, collaborate, resolve conflict, communicate effectively and think critically.

Young Inventors

Fifty students took the Inventions mini course and presented their ideas to judges at the Sablatura Inventors' Showcase in April. The top inventions were invited to enter the Houston Young Inventors' Showcase in May at the University of Houston. Our inventors did an excellent job, and came home with several awards. Congratulations to Drew (2nd place for his Aqua Beads), Issy (1st place for NonSpillaBowl), Caitlyn (2nd place for Save a Pet), and Caden (3rd place for ITCB). Adam and Julien presented their awesome ideas too. Who will have the best ideas next year?

Did you know?

Game Night

After a week of STAAR testing, GTA students were ready to relax and enjoy time with friends. Our second annual GTA Game Night was a success as students enjoyed Chick-fil-a sandwiches while playing favorites such as Apples to Apples, Chess, Scrabble, Hangman, and Blockus. Students also enjoyed free time in the gym and a movie. One of the highlights of the night was the impromptu performance by the band! Thank you to all the students who came to Game Night and helped raise money for our Future Problem Solving program.

Take a peek into our classrooms:

Owl Pellet Dissections

Fifth graders learned how to identify bones using a dichotomous key as well as accurate measurements. They discovered that it takes a lot of patience and work to reconstruct a skeleton of a rodent, and it certainly gave them a whole new appreciation for the dinosaur skeletons they have seen! Each class also applied their math skills as they calculated the biomass of the rodents their owls consumed. They created pie charts to share their data, created food webs, and analyzed information from their findings.

Scrabble Tournament

This spring, our wonderful Sablatura PTA provided eight Scrabble boards for our Scrabble tournament. We practiced and then played against three different rivals, each time earning three points for a win, two points for a tie (which in Scrabble is within 10 points - who knew?) and one point for a loss. We really enjoyed keeping up with team standings - you know, the Radioactive Gummi Bears vs. the Magical Unicorn Scrabblers, etc. Students learned and practiced all kinds of skills, from creative thinking and earning 40+ points with a 3-letter word, to losing or winning graciously!


Students practiced expository writing in Mrs. Reynolds' ELA class by curating a podcast. First, they listened to several good examples, and then students picked topics about which they were experts or in which they were very curious. Then, they researched and drafted the talk. Mrs. Manning, our tech expert, came and taught us about Audacity, a free software that many real podcasters use to record and edit their work. We really enjoyed testing it out and learning how it works. Many students downloaded Audacity at home and are excited to keep creating over the summer!

2018-2019 Quiz Bowl Topic

Start studying grizzlies! Next year's Quiz Bowl topic is "The Sixties." A specific list of sources will be released in August, but team hopefuls can begin reading about notable news events, movies, fashion, and sports of the decade to get a head start.

What's coming up?

Don't forget to take a few minutes to give feedback through the GTA Parent Survey by July 1st (link below), if you haven't already. We appreciate your support.

Also, take a look at the links for summer opportunities through the libraries, museums and UHCL. Remember - all GTA students' ALEKS subscriptions are good through August. Students can keep up with math skills all summer!

... and mark your calendar for these upcoming GTA events:

June 6 - FPS International Competition - Good Luck Anna!

July 30 -August 3 - Math Boot Camp @ PJHW

August 10 - Schedule Pick Up Day

August 14 - GTA 5th Grade Gathering 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

August 20 - First day of school!

September 20 - Gifted Guru @ ESC

The "Gifted Guru" is coming to Pearland!

Thursday, Sep. 20th, 6:30pm

1928 North Main Street

Pearland, TX

Mark your calendar, and plan to join us at Pearland ISD's Education Support Center on September 20th. GTAB presents Lisa Van Gemert, also known as the "Gifted Guru" as she speaks with parents about the topic of perfectionism. Check out her new book to get a jump start on the conversation. More information coming in August!

Have a great summer!