Jack the Ripper

By: Millie Trent

Who was Jack the Ripper?

In 1888 a man who was known as Jack the Ripper roamed the streets of Whitechapel district of London. He was a serial killer targeting prostitute women to use as his next victim. History tells us he would slit the throats of his victims and use that same knife to cut out their organs. At least five women were murdered by his hands and possibly more never found. To this day the identity of Jack the Ripper his never been found.

Bias Views

Jack the Ripper is commonly known as a legend in the world of serial killers. In today's society he is seen as an evil character from stories told for years. The fear of the murderer has now vanished into interest and mystery as the identity of Jack the Ripper was never discovered. Most people choose to only see this tale as a good horror story.
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The time period these murders happened refers to historical criticism. The age of the evidence still being tested today can reveal little about the man behind the knife. In 1888 prostitution was more common then is is now making the reasons for the killings more distinct. Feminine criticism is also spotted in the choice of Jack the Ripper's victims. He targeted women prostitutes who used themselves as business for men. Women were also looked down upon as far as social status in the 1800's. Jack the Ripper may have also seen them as easy targets due to the lack of strength they posses compared to men.
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My Thoughts

Jack the Ripper was a very real individual who lived in London in the 1800's. He may have targeted women for the anger he had against what they did for a living. The cutting out of their organs could have been his signature as a serial killer, as well as making a statement that prostitution was wrong. These acts could just be his version of a big statement against prostitution turned into multiple murders. The Ripper stopped before he could be discovered and has become a legend to this day.