Alfred Eisenstaedt

Famous Photographer

Full Name

Alfred Eisenstaedt

Known as "Eisie" among his close friends.

Date and place of birth

Born on December 6th 1898 in Dirshcau, West Prussia, Imperial Germany.

Died August 23, 1995. He was 97 when he passed away.

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Education and Family Backgroud

When Alfred was eight years old his family moved to Berlin. He was interested in photography at a young age. His father was a merchant. Alfred would have probably followed in his fathers footsteps if his uncle did not get him his first camera when he was fourteen. When he was seventeen years old he got drafted into the army to fight in World War 1. He got wounded in both legs and returned home in 1918. Alfred spent a year recovery before he could do any walking.
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Why he got into photgraphy

When Alfred got sent home from the war it gave him an opportunity to indulge his interest in photography. He often went to museums to study light and composition. In 1922 he became a belt-and-button salesman. He saved the money he made for photography equipment. Alfred did not quit his salesman job until he was 31. When he quit he took up photography full time.
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What was his trademark?

Alfred's trademark was candid photos. He did not carry a lot of equipment. Eisenstaedt preferred a small hand-held camera. One of his most popular pictures is and excited American sailor kissing a nurse at time Square on VJ Day.
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What made him famous?

Alfred wrote many novels along the side. Examples are Witness to our Time and The Eye of Eisenstaedt. He took multiple photographers of celebrates including: Eleanor Roosevelt, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Hope, and the Kennedy Family.


Eisenstaedt received many honors and awards. When he was eighty-three he was named the "Photographer of the Year" by the University or Missouri School of Journalism and Encyclopedia Britannica. Other awards he received included the Infinity Master of Photography Award and the Presidential Medal of Arts.
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What he said about his work

"All photographers have to do, is find and catch the story-telling moment." - Albert Eiesnstaedt

"In a photograph a person's eyes tell much, sometimes they tell all." - Albert Eiesnstaedt

"My style hasn't changed much in all these sixty years. I still use, most of the time, exciting light and try not to push people around. I have to be as much a a diplomat photographer. people don't often take me seriously because i care so little equipment and make so little fuss... I never carried a lot of equipment. My motto has always been, "Keep it simple." - Alfred Eiesnstaedt

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What people said about his work

"Eisenstaedt never lost his childlike interest in things and people, in what mad them what they were," Robert Andres wrote in 2004. The book, The Great LIFE Photographers, how he would make the subjects feel comfortable before getting up close and taking photographs of them.
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What I appreciate about this person and his work?

I really enjoyed learning about Alfred Eisenstaedt. I really liked how he took photographs. he was calm and got the shots he needed to take. My favorite picture he took was the sailor kissing the nurse, because I love how happy they look. I also enjoy the story the picture tells.
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Fun Facts

  • Albert is known as "The father of photojournalism".
  • He was amazing at taking candid photographs.
  • He died at Menesmsha Inn Cottage, Pilot House.