By: Dylan Sieloff

How it Started

Parkour is a sport that is achieved by interacting with your surroundings, such as jumping things or jumping from one spot to another. Parkour has elements from all of the following activites: Rock climbing, Martial arts, Gymnastics, and other sports. People would practice in public at parks or other locations because when it was still being developed there were no parkour studios or teachers. When people would practice in public people would stop to watch because it wasn't common for people to do parkour, but people thought it was interesting and amazing so it became more popular. Another way parkour got popular was when it started being featured in movies. Parkour is now a very popular sport everywhere and there is places where you can train such as parkour studios. Parkour is similiar to something called freerunning. Parkour is now a very popular sport and is getting even more popular.
Epic Parkour and Freerunning 2013