King Sejonj

Korean KIng

Birth AND Early Childhood

  • He was born in the year 1397. This was in Korea in the month of May. The # is 15, the full date is May 15, of the year 1397, A.D.
  • He was the third son of King Taejonj. He was a lot smarter than his siblings. This made him the favorite.

His Siblings

His oldest brother was Yangnyeong, he didn't have the skills needed for the job. He paid more attention to hunting, he was a little to free spirited, which got him fired.

His second oldest brother was prince Hyo-Ryung. He ruled but he ended up being a ford as well. Their younger brother paid more attention to government and became monk as well.

His Success and the Achievements

He Had something that none of his brothers nor siblings had, he had intelligence and brains on his side. Instead of just giving the power to any random person who wanted a job. He cared for his government and gave jobs to the people who did get the education needed. Thanks to him having the best education in Korea, he turned into a great leader
He brought peace and justice to all of Korea. He saw talent instead of just giving power to somebody without knowledge. He also increased metal in Korea and improved it as well.