movimiento optico

Conceptual Paper Sculpture Brief

Inspiration Station

This project is inspired by the artworks of Swiss artist, Valerie Buess. Based in Germany, but born in Switzerland, Valerie Buess has been experimenting with paper for the last twenty years. By twisting, turning, folding and sometimes adding some color to her work, she creates fantastic organic shapes that seem to be inspired by underwater sea creatures. Some of her pieces are more abstract, while others clearly denote what they used to be in their past lives: books. Sea urchins, coral reefs, algae and sea grass made from recycled novels and old books tell stories about the mysteries of the deep sea, all while creating a new sculptural world above the surface. Interpreted as decorative objects, art pieces or dramatic sculptures, these paper creations are one of a kind.

Project Brief

This project will consist of two parts: Part A (Visual Diary) and Part B (Sculpture).

Part A: Visual Diary

Step 1: Research

You need to do research on two sculptors who use movement in their artworks. For each artist you will need to do the following:

  • Name and Short biography (1 or 2 paragraphs)
  • At least 4 examples of their sculptures
  • The artist's "Modus operandi" ( translated as "method of operation". The term is used to describe someone's habits or manner of working)
  • Description of the materials or mediums they used.
  • Your own personal reflection on the artists work: Why did you choose them?, What about their sculptures were intriguing? How has this inspired you in your own artwork? Interesting facts or observations?

Step 2: Planning

You will need to do some planning for this sculpture. I am expecting that many of your ideas will come from experimenting with the actual paper. Here is what I am expecting:

  • Intention or Proposal: You need to write a proposal for your project. What is it that you plan to do? How do you plan to include the element of movement in your sculpture?
  • Written explanations. (Use your visual Diary notes to help you here). This proposal and explanations should be at least about two full pages.

Step 3: Source Materials

  • Find sources as inspirations for this project. This includes photographs from life(reality), images from magazines, newspaper and the internet. You should include any images or sources that has inspired you in this project. At least one page.

Step 4: Sketching

  • Two pages of sketches of potential ways in which to use the paper. You could sketch some of Valerie Buess' technigues or some of the artists you chose in the research section.
  • Two final full page sketches , one of which is the final ideas for your sculpture

Step 5: Reflections

  • Write a full page reflection on the planning and making of your sculpture? What did you learn during the process? What did you enjoy? What would you change or improve on? What was exciting? What was positive about the art-making process? Overall, how do you think you did?

Part B: Sculpture

The title of this project is "Movimiento Optico" which directly translated means "Optical Movement". Buess' sculptures encapsulate an essence of movement.

Your assignment is to create a sculpture which has the appearance of movement. Remember movement in art is not always physical; movement is a feeling or an illusion created by the artist to give you an experience of movement.

You will receive a 16 x 16 cm square which is the base of your sculpture. On this base you will build your creation through rolling, twisting, folding and bending recycled paper. You may use as much paper as you like. Paper will be glued to the base with white glue. You may use color, but remember when you wet paper it becomes soft and looses it shape. It is essential that your concept for this project is evident in your sculpture. It has to have a feeling of movement. That can be created through repetition and pattern.

Ask questions and enjoy!

Please note, that as we go through this project there may be some minor edits and alterations to the brief.

Due Date : April 9, 2012


Step 1: 25 marks

Step 2: 20 marks

Step 3: 10 marks

Step 4: 40 marks

Step 5: 15 marks

Overall Visual Diary Presentation: 30 Marks

Sculpture: 50 Marks

Based on creativity, originality, durability of sculpture, neatness, appearance and presentation. More specific rubric will be given to you.