RILINK Newsletter

December 2022

Sora Session (time sensitive)

RISOCKS Sora Refresher

Dec 7th: 3:30 – 4:30 PM EST

OverDrive Education Account Executive Christa Taylor will discuss:

  • A refresher on the basics of Sora
  • Borrow ebooks & audiobooks
  • Customize your reading experience – DEI Features
  • Top 5 ways Sora serves students
  • Marketplace Admin Portal
  • Tips to get your entire school community started with Sora.

Use this link to register.

CDL/ILL update

RILINK staff has developed a step-by-step checklist to assist with processing CDL transactions.

Numbered steps for the CDL process are listed in red and move back and forth between the Requesting and Lending libraries.

Destiny Release

The next Destiny release, v19.6, is currently scheduled for 12/16/22.

Here is what you can expect to see in this release:

Library Manager

  • Sublocation added to the Shelf List report
  • MackinVia MARC record Reconciliation
  • Platform Updates

The next release for Destiny Discover is expected sometime in January 2023 and could include:

  • Ability to Change the name of the Topics carousel
  • Removal of color border around Topics carousel
  • Addressing the issue with Series being truncated
  • Better reflowable formatting

And the next “Ask Andrew” session is Friday, 12/16 at 2pm CT, here is the link to register for it.


At our November meeting with OverDrive there was a discussion about magazines. We had a one year subscription which was due to expire. After reviewing the usage over the past year (about 4%) we decided that the money would be better spent on additional eBooks and audiobooks. If your patrons are looking for magazines, try Flipster on AskRI.

Budget Planning

'Tis the season for preparing budget requests. This is the most recent information we have about costs for next school year. As we get updates we will let you know

  • Dues- will remain at $1.50 per student based on the October 2022 enrollment reported by RIDE (Includes LibGuides, CultureGrams, Exploring Nature)
  • Destiny Library Manager- $920 per site (this is a 10% increase over previous years)
  • WebPath Express- $275 (this is a 10% increase over previous years)
  • OverDrive- No increase (based on the October 2022 enrollment reported by RIDE. If your enrollment goes up, you may see an increase)
  • Capstone/PebbleGo- No planned increase as of now
  • Gale Cengage- 5% increase on all products, except for Gale in Context Opposing Viewpoints which will increase from $2062 to $2535.
  • Infobase/Facts on File/Learn 360 - still waiting for information
  • Tumblebooks- No planned increase as of now


Big picture