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today we have an amazing deal on a house on Ganymede.

Ganymede the moon planet

the largest of jupiters moons with a beutiful view of the galaxy. the house we have on ganymede is not only super cheap for only $1500 dollars a year it also has a pool but the reason we menchon this is there is but you can turn it out artifial gravity in this room meaning you can swim in mid air these are only some of the many things cheak out the new attractions down below


under surface water boarding, moon buggy rides, Hubble space telescope pictures, minuter galaxy control sets note ( only controls inside the toy not actual galaxy), space poker largest gambling house in the universe, space golf think that golf is fun wait until you play golf with no gravity, space hockey it's hockey IN SPACE!, wet and wild Disney, and universal parks.

some of the facts about Ganymede

When Galileo first saw it he named Ganymede Jupiter III. Its the bigger than the moon titan (kinda ironic uh). Its the ninth largest item in our solar system. It has an internal ocean save the dolphins make them rest stops! :-]. Ganymede actually has a thin layer of air and has an ozone layer this solves the small problem of oh you know not being able to breath, well sort of we had to pump tons of air so that you yes you would be able to live there. Ganymede was the name of a beast that was the cup bearer to Zeus and the other gods in Greek mythology. The first probe to observe it was pioneer 10. The Chinese might of seen it in 365 BC. Ganymede is the third of the three moons of Jupiter. Ganymede takes seven days and three hours to fully revolve around Jupiter.

some of you may have questions about this planet here are some that are asked freqently and thier answers

"what are some of the accommodations to make this moon hospitable?" we pumped thousand's of gallons of air onto Ganymede, and added a new technology that most of you haven't ever heard of, artificial gravity! question number two "what kind of clothing would humans have to wear to survive?" it depends on the controller's mood that day yes you heard right we can control the weather of Ganymede! question number three "how would we defend ourselves?" the answer is simple for this question we have scanned the planet for life and its just us so we wouldn't have to protect ourselves from anything. question number four "could we take any side trips to any moons?" yes we can we made a teleporter link so we could travel to the other two moons.
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