How corporations influence your decisions

Persuasion or Propaganda?

Is what you are watching accurate?

Agenda setting is a key feature within the campaigns, programs and objectives of the three primary sectors of community. The media is often utilised and exploited to serve the interests of corporations and businesses, and often, they are able to align YOUR thoughts so as to get their message across; but I assume you all already know this since this is the field you work in... or maybe not?


This seminar aims to present to you both sides of the story in regards to the agendas of high profile companies, both for profit and not for profit. It will help present a moral and ethical perspective to the jobs YOU in the public relations and advertising sectors do. Todd Sampson, CEO of advertising agency LEO Burnett and co-founder of Earth Hour, as well as CEO of the Communications Council Margaret Zabel will be speaking to you about the exploitation of media in pursuit of an agenda, and whether it is always necessarily a bad thing that organisations aim to influence you.