social emotional development

birth too two


temperament refers to the quality and intensity of emotional reactions .such factors as passivity irritability and activity patterns.children aslos differ in their level of irritability or tendency to feel distressed to comfort even if you hold them and try to soothem .there are other infants who rarely cry .


attachment is the strong emotional connection that develops between people .most infants become attached to the people early in life.they mainly become to the people who care for them.included may be mothers,fathers,caregivers,or older siblings. young infants learn that when they are hungry,wet,or frightended,they can depend on adults

changes over time

birth to three months

at birth newborns do not have very refined emotions. general excitement and general distress are the only emotions shown. the children may show excitment

three to six months

by three months children respond to people with smiles and laughter. they may make you happy sounds as adults play with hold or feed them. during this stage these children express happiness joy, and surprise .they also make sounds in response to the speech of others.

six to twelve months

infants in this stage become actively involed with their adults play with and care for them , thesre children express happiness, joy, and surprised . they also make sounds in response to the speech of others .infants in this stage also begins to develop fear you should not be surprised if a child this age

twelve to twenty four months

early in this stage , children still show separation anxiety.children in this stage also show the other words they become upset because of something they think the future for instance this child may cling to a parent who will be leaving soon.these children become more interested in exploring.