Religion in the Middle East

Christianity Judaism Islam


Muslims believe in one god only and that the purpose of existence it to serve the Allah, their god. Their religious book is the Qur'an. They believe that Islam is the universal version of primordial faith. Prayer must be done five times a day. Fasting must be preformed during the month of Ramondhan.


Judaism is one of the oldest monotheistic religion. Their religious book is the Torah. They are concerns with the actions of humankind. Jews are to imitate gods love for people. They practice charity and to refrain from negative speech. Prayers are recited three times a day. They celebrate the Purim and Hanukkah.


Christians believe that Jesus is the son of god and refer to Jesus as the Messiah. They also believed that Jesus suffered and died to grant people who follow him eternal life. Christians preform Baptisms to allow a person admittance into the church. They follow the New Testament and the Bible.

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