Health Care

You must take care of your self!

The Pill

They will have doctors for the unfortunate’s because they do not have the money to get the pill that will help with not having illnesses and their immune systems to help with them not get sick. They will only have so many hospitals to help with the unfortunate’s when they get sick. The fortunate who have money get the pill which helps them with their immune systems, help fight off the sickness and helps their bones stay strong.

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the hospitals

In the hospital they only have 8 rooms for the unfortunate who cannot afford the pill that helps with their immune systems. They only have 10 doctors and 2 surgeons that can help around the hospital and with the unfortunate who do not have very good jobs or no jobs. At the hospital they can only do so much to help. They will just give them a little pain medicine and have them stay there for no more than 2 nights. But when they get broken bones they are allowed to stay for 3 nights if needed. Surgeons will get the bone elevated then wrap the bone and send them on their way. When there are many ill unfortunates at that hospital the people that are most ill and have not been taken care of yet they are the people that get treated first and are put into a room as fast as possible.

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