Student Academic Success

Student Newsletter, September 2020

Welcome Students!

Welcome to the first monthly newsletter from the Division of Student Academic Success (SAS)! We are committed to helping Rutgers University – Camden students’ take charge of their success and promote undergraduate excellence and persistence to graduation through a variety of services and supports.

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Tips for Getting Started this Fall Semester!

As the semester begins, here are a few essential tips to keep in mind:

Ask yourself if you're ready to learn

  • Mentally prepare yourself to work hard
  • Create a schedule you can follow with specific days, times, and locations
  • Ensure proper internet connectivity & access to course technologies

Stay committed to your courses throughout the semester. Remember:

  • Online courses are just as rigorous as on-campus courses
  • Your professors will expect the same level of commitment from you
  • With other commitments like family and work, your time may be limited
  • Stay committed by devising a study schedule & sticking to it
  • Develop a relationship with your professor
  • Don't lose sight of your goals and the reasons for pursuing your degree

Find ways to retain what you've learned. Try to:

  • Discuss with others, and your retention goes up to 50%
  • Use the information actively and you're at 75%
  • Retention goes as high as 90% when you teach the concept or immediately put it into practice
  • Translate what you learned into your own words
  • Find ways to retell or discuss the information with your peers

Academic Tip of the Month

Each month, we'll introduce a new strategy that you can add to your study skills toolkit. This month, we're highlighting the SQ4R method. "What does it mean?", you may ask.

  • Survey the headings, authors, & publication date
  • Question the text
  • Read the content
  • Reflect on what you've just read
  • Recite what you've understood about the text
  • Review the completion of your work

Click the image to the left for a quick tutorial on how to use this method and try it out with your upcoming course readings!

How to be a Successful Online Student

The virtual learning experience can present a challenging adjustment for many students, but that doesn't mean you're doomed! Consider these strategies for enhancing your success this semester:

Being a Successful Student Online

Introducing the new Camden Fellows Program!

Founded in 2020, the Camden Fellows is a support program for students accepted into the Rutgers University–Camden campus who are current or former foster care youth with lived experience in the child welfare system as an adolescent. We work to provide a supportive community on the RU-C campus where the Camden Fellows cohort is encouraged and celebrated as they reach their full potential.

To find out more, contact Cecily White at

Camden Fellows

The Division of Student Academic Success

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