Louisiana Purchase

by Hailey Declue

On April 30,1803

France sold 2,144,510 square Km or 828,000 miles to the United States which doubled the U.S.A and enlarged the population growth. The Louisiana purchase was an unthinkable price for that amount of land . The basic price for that land was five cents an acre which could only sell for buying all the land offered. France controlled the west of the Mississippi which was known as Louisiana from 1699 to 1762. But after, they sold it to the Spanish but took it back in 1800. After buying the Louisiana Purchase Thomas Jefferson sent Louis and Clark on an Expedition. During the Expedition which was called the Lewis and Clark Expedition Lewis and Clark sent letters to people before their trip to tell them about what they were doing. Jefferson sent them on an Expedition to see how the Native Americans were and if they were nice. Also they were directed to write in their journal. The reason was because then they could know how how there journey was. So that is what I learned about the Loisiana purchase.