Endangered Animals in Africa

Help Save Them, they need you now more then ever

What's Going On

We share this planet with many species. It is our responsibility to protect them, both for their sake and our own. Africa is one of many places with the problem of protecting their animals. Africa can help these helpless animals by creating stronger stricter laws and have more people out there to enforce them. Animals in Africa become endangered through poaching, introducing species, and taking up the animals land for farms or live stock.


Help The Animals

If money can be raised to help these animals, it could be used to help protect the elephants, rhinos, and tigers from poachers. The money could go to stop people from taking the land, cutting down forests and taking animals homes. If the money is raised for endangered animals in Africa, it will be like giving these animals another chance, to grow, to thrive, and be magnificent once again.

What you can to do to help

  • Donate money
  • Spread the word, to help these endagered animals
  • Call us, and see how you can make a difference
  • Let the word out, not enough people know how endangered these animals are
  • Go on our web page and fill out the form to help get started
  • Get your friends involved! We can all make a difference together!

Contact Us

To help these poor animals, donate money to the African Wildlife Foundations. We can all make a difference, but it first starts with you!