McDonalds 1460 Newsletter March

Super Saturday

We have moved to the top of the Super Saturday league! Well done everyone. Stay on the ball through March and we can easily be the champions for the quarter!


We would like to say a massive congratulations and THANK YOU to the whole team who helped the store to pass both gaps in March. The team worked hard and if we could keep this going we will pass future gaps and increase our store pot for great evenings or day outs. As it's a new month the gaps have started again for both drive thru and front, please keep a look out and inform a manager of any potential gaps and you will receive the £20 voucher.

Employee of the Month: Tasmin Parkes

Clare said: " Tasmin has worked full time hours for some time now - even when she was in fulltime work at college. Since becoming pregnant she has not shunned hard work and is a top performers on drive-thru and front counter, often completing several tasks at once to fulfil demand! She doesn't make a big song and dance about the amount of effort she puts in routinely and always has the customers interests in mind! Well done Taz! :D"

Manager of the Quarter: James Sargeant

Clare summed up James to the hierarchy: "James has worked wonders to maintain adequate numbers with very few crew and some availability problems due to trains,etc. He has picked up all aspects of the scheduling very well and has ironed out issues to ensure that accurate labour is forcast even with sourcing crew from other stores.

He has received half of the Gap Busters this quarter on his shift and passed each visit with an average TET of 117 seconds!! James has showcased his passion for shift running and customer hospitality. Each task I have put his way he has managed to complete without any drama and in a measured and professional . My overall confidence in James approach to each task has grown significantly and he is always a pleasure to work with"

Food for Thoughts – Live! What been said so far???

After our first month of Food for Thoughts we ended March with a 61% customer satisfaction score. This was 10% higher on average, 80 people did the survey in total. Just remember making a connection to your customers makes all the difference - If you get your name mentioned a survey for making someone a little happier there could be a token of appreciation coming your way.....


It is almost time for our first EHO visit. This visit is unannounced. All of Robs stores have the best rating of a 5. Obviously we can get no less than this. Make sure you clean as you go on your own stations and are changing cloths, keeping cloths in sanitiser and reporting any out of date food to the shift manager.

CEV (Customer Experience Verification) result.

On the 9th of March, Debbie Rudge completed our CEV. She came in at breakfast.

We achieved the amazing score of 100%.

Debbie said:

"An outstanding visit. The quality of my food was excellent. Norton took my order on the COD and greeted me at the cashier window. He delivered on all the vital ingredients. Charlie re-greeted me at the presenter window and did a great job, he also delivered on the VI. Outside was clean and tidy and the atmosphere in the restaurant was excellent."

We are the first restaurant in Roberts group to achieve 100%.


Next Crew Outing (James leading) The next crew outing I am trying to organise is go karting. Apologies this hasn't been sorted yet but I'm sure you all understand we have been extremely busy throughout March.

Recent Visit from head office: The visit from head office hierarchy on Friday 31st March went really well thanks to all the hard work you have all put into getting the store ready to show us at our best. Katie received a special recognition for the engagement with customers and making them just a little bit happier after their visit!

I would like to thank everyone that has worked so hard over the last few weeks, especially since Monopoly has started - I am really proud to work with you and welcome visitors on days like this!

End of quarter Results!

Q1 2017 has been absolutely amazing and it wouldn't have been possible without all of you.

Some highlights are:

  • 0% CSO
  • 100% CEV
  • Super Saturday winners
  • Fantastic Friday winners
  • 8 records broken

The records we have broke are: Record day (three times), Record D/T hour (twice), Record week, Record breakfast cars, Record breakfast shift and Record overnight hour.

Heading into Q2 I urge you to continue your efforts and we can show the Hierarchy how good we are!


Don't forget the back door is NOT to be used after 9pm unless in the event of an emergency. Please be aware that anyone seen going out of the back door after 9pm will face disciplinary action.

Schedule isses:

As you know James has now taken over the schedule from Tia and if there are any issues you see you should speak to either James or Clare or if necessary send an email to the store Please do not message James personally via text or face book as he has been inundated with messages while on days off or on a course and is feeling the stress!

The correct procedure for booking time off is to do so on line in plenty of time before the schedule is started. ANY availability changes can only be confirmed by Clare (Not James) so you should do so online and if they re not approved speak to Clare.

Thank you for reading.

If anything I have said in this newsletter confuses you, don't be afraid to ask questions.

I am always happy to help.

Thank you.


For the upcoming month (April) Happy Birthday to Simone, James Lewis (18), Henry, Paul - hope you all have a wonderful day.

If I have missed anyone, I sincerely apologise. Please tell me and I will add you onto the birthday calendar.

Fantastic Friday and Super Saturday! Winners!!

As if you won both competitions in the first quarter meaning we hold onto the trophies and £300 has been added to the crew prize fund - need to think of more ways to spend it on nights out ;)