Thomas Jefferson


Role in the Revolution

Jefferson never fought as a soldier but had strong views on independence. He wrote opinions on the colonists struggles against Great Britain.
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3 Important Facts

Jefferson was governor of Virginia from 1779 - 1781. President George Washington picked him to be the first secretary of state, He was the third president of the United States, Second vice president, Draftsman of the U.S. declaration of independence

Family Life

His father was Peter Jefferson, a planter and surveyor. His mother was Jane Randolph Jefferson, the daughter of a well-known Virginia family. Wife is Martha Wayles Skelton. Martha Jefferson Randolph, Mary Jefferson Eppes, Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson died at the age two and a half, he had six children but 2 survived adulthood. Based on DNA evidence, historians strongly agree that Jefferson was probably the father of all Hemings's children.Madison Hemings, Beverly Hemings, Eston Hemings, Harriet Hemings. He had 25 grandchildren counting the Hemings's. Sally Hemings and Martha Jefferson were half sisters.

Life after the Revolution

He was appointed minister of France, Governor of Virginia - U.S. minister of Virginia, The first secretary of state under George Washington.