WYES Library Fall 2016 Newsletter

1st Semester has come and gone. This is what we have done!

5th Grade Focus

These past 9 weeks the fifth graders have been focusing on finding good fit books, recording them in their library journals, and learning how to take notes! Ask your child why, when and how can we take good notes. They will be using this life long skill throughout this year in the Library and their classroom.

4th Grade Accomplishments

4th graders started off the year identifying what Learner Profile Characteristics they show when using their Reading Log. They are completing a Reading Interest Inventory Survey to help them ID what their interests are and then connect them to books. This is an example of the IB Learner Profile Characteristics open-minded, risk-takers, and reflective. They are beginning to learn how the non-fiction section of the library is organized so that they can become independent users of the library resources.

3rd Graders are using Library Journals

3rd graders are using Library Journals this year to keep track of new knowledge and new skills. They will be using these journals next year too, going back to their notes to refresh and use as a resource. They are keeping track of their books in their reading log. Ask them what Learner Profile characteristics they are demonstrating when they record their books weekly. Students are still working on finding good fit books. Have them show you what that procedure looks like.

2nd Graders are finding good fit books!

2nd grade students are doing a fabulous job finding good fit books! Some are buddy reading, finding a title both students want to read, will read, and can read. We have begun to listen to stories to find out what its theme is, what its purpose is, a main reason for listening to, read, and telling stories. Do you know what the theme is, the purpose for telling the story Little Red Riding Hood? Ask your child!

1st Graders can tell you about the Caldecott Award

1st graders are developing good reading skills by comparing and contrasting two Caldecott award winning books, Little Red Riding Hood retold and illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman and Lon Po Po: A Red Riding Hood story from China written and illustrated by Ed Young. They are beginning to compare and contrast the stories' characters, setting, what happened in the beginning of the book, during the middle, and the end. They will also compare the purpose of the story, what we learn from engaging with the story. They will be using art to help compare and contrast the stories' elements. Their final projects will be posted later on so make sure you come back and check out the next newsletter!

Kindergarten students are authors and illustrators

The kindergarten students created an alphabet book for their class. After looking at a number of ABC books, each child came up with a word for their class book and illustrated it! They are now working on understanding the concept of sequence and how it helps them become better readers. They know the sequence of events in the story The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone and can show you them through hand movements. They will be finishing up their Little Red Hen books soon and take them home so they can share that story with others! That is what good readers do!