National Space Centre

"Out of this world!"

"National Space Centre" Leicester, England

Something For The Whole Family!

Everybodys welcome to the amazing National Space Centre. February Half Term runs from 15 - 23 February and we thought you might like a few helpful hints to make your visit to the National Space Centre jam packed with fun stuff and easy on the whole family. Childeren will get a fun but also a educational trip that will get them wanting to revisit again! Adults will also have an amazing expirience being able to take in everything with there childeren and the rest of the family.

The Exhibition

Upon arrival you will see the iconic Rocket Tower, but you may also see the top of the UK’s largest domed planetarium. Both of these are of course a must see for your visit, but around them are six further inspiring galleries to discover. Crammed full of space suits, rockets, satellites, meteorites and everything you would expect of a world class attraction, these galleries will make sure you have a full day of breathtaking discovery and interactive fun.

Evil Spudnik Game

We also promote our own evil Spudnik game. Here's what are developer said about it. Zak Capie "It's just you and your kodu against the Evil Spudniks. Kill the Spudniks and collect the ammunation to win!"
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