Are you Expecting?

pop up can be a drop up

First trimester (1-3months)


During your first trimester, you will have lots of pains and aches. Following morning sickness, throwing up, and loss of appetite. Mood swings will be raging. Your feet will swell some, just a little. Expect some tender breast, and a little baby bump.


During this stage your organs and body parts are developing. Your so tiny that your only the size of a kidney bean. By the end of trimester One your finger prints are in place so we can identify you, if you were to ever get lost. You constantly move. Your about 3 inches long and 1ounce.

Second Trimester (4-6Months)


This stage is the best stage!!!! Your baby is able to hear your voice. The baby can also respond to I your voice.


Your growing!!!!!! your about 10 inches long. A pound and half. the nails have developed. we can tell if you a boy or girl.

Third trimester (7-9 months)


Your breast will leak, and get bigger.


About 3 pounds and 15 inches long. Your finally able to open your eyes.