Come Raid With Us

On Our Amazing Viking Voyage to Iceland

Do You Want to Go on an Epic Adventure?

And, the best thing is it only lasts 3 months so we don't take up to much of your schedule, but you we still have enough time to raid Iceland. This will be a unique experience for you and with out you coming we could not do this. We need you.

Time of Raid

We will be doing this in the summer time so we probably won't run into any glaciers and the boat get damage. And, maybe even start sinking if the damage got that bad.
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What You Need and What You Need to Be for This Trip

  • You will need to be brave if battle with a knife.
  • You will need to quickness with a sword.
  • You will need to be confident if you wan to battle with a bow.
  • You will need to be strong to battle with a ax.
  • To be on this raid you will need to be all these characteristics and more like smart, leader, and good team skills.

Your Possible Reward for Joining Us.

If you join us you will get 5 silver ingots for helping us raid Iceland. And another 5 silver ingots to pay for the weapons you got. Also you will receive 5% of the loot we get from the raid. If you are a very active member and you are helping out a lot you might get 2 gold ingots and 5% of the loot, too.
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This was brought to you by the viking group of Keegan and Autumn