Woman of the American Revolution

By:Ellie Hare

Written by Brianna Hall

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In the title 3 things I learned is:

  • Women weren't allowed to fight in the war, but they did anyway under disguise
  • They crossed enemy lines to deliver secret messages to the Army risking there lives
  • They took care of wounded soldiers and their family and homes

Women fighting the war

Even though women were not allowed to fight in the war, some did some any way like Deborah Simpson. She was 21 years old and cut off all her hair to look like a boy and went into war after changing her name to Robert. She was not afraid of the risk of going to jail for fighting with the Continental Army.

Secret messages:

Women like Emily Gieger,risked their lives to cross enemy lines with secret messages for the army.so if they were approached, they would eat the paper,but they memorized the message and delivered it anyway.

Colonial Women:

Colonial Women took charge of farms and bissnes when their husbands went to war. They supplied armies with bullets, food, clothing and blankets.Women would also care for wounded soldiers.

I chose this book because:

I wanted to learn more about what women did in the times in the American Revolution. When I lived in New York, my family and I went to Fort Ontario in Oswego New York and that is when I first had interest in the time period. Fort Ontairo was built by the British in 1755, and was destroyed by the French in 1756. The Fort was rebuilt in 1759 and is still standing today.

My opinion:

Is that women back then were brave and strong.The women of the American Revolution encouraged women today to be in the war and fight for their rights.