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Collaboration and Serve United

Serve United believes in the value and power of doing things together. In 2017, we witnessed and encouraged multiple collaborative efforts in the region and we continue to advocate that we can do more and better together than we can ever do separately. In this past year in our region, we have seen groups of churches and nonprofits in Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Davis, Roseville, and Citrus Heights come together to start rotating winter sanctuaries in their communities, taking turns opening up their church facilities for the homeless to have a night of reprieve. This year two more will begin in Carmichael and Folsom. A group of non-profits, agencies and churches have also begun working together to create an alliance to meet the needs of vulnerable kids and their families in our region. Around 30 churches in our region have continual partnerships with local schools, serving the needs of staff, children and their families in life changing ways. A local Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) chapter in Sacramento has developed made up of faith leaders from churches, non profits, civic spheres and businesses to put action towards seeing people and communities in our region wholistically restored. With direct involvement in some of these efforts and encouragement toward all of them, Serve United is excited to continue to communicate what God does with these efforts in 2018 as people begin to take action together with others in ways that bring lasting change

At Q Commons Sacramento at the end of October, Sheri Lozano, founder of Link to Lift, shared her vision of how collaboration in shared spaces can change lives like it changed hers. Take a few minutes to watch the video below!

Redefining Collaboration—Sheri Lozano

Sheri Lozano Sheri Lozano

Founder - Collaborator - Consultant

Sheri Lozano has a passion for connecting people who are like minded for the common good. Her time is dedicated to creating collaborative spaces and linking non-profits to shared offices to accelerate their work and impact. She has experience working with creative people and loves to envision new ways of impacting our culture. She also has a heart for emerging leaders and takes advantage of every opportunity to motivate and mentor the next generation.

Sheri is married to Sergio Lozano, her husband of twenty-six years. They have three adult children: Enric, Kayla and Lucas

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Collaboration Ahead in 2018

This Spring, a group of community leaders from Orangevale and Fair Oaks, including representatives from County Supervisor Sue Frost’s office, local organizations, businesses and churches are coming together to plan a Big Day of Service in these two communities. The plan is to mobilize 500 volunteers to tackle 25 projects in the Orangevale and Fair Oaks area to bring neighbors together to beautify and improve these communities and create a ripple of kindness and service. To learn more about this new project and discover ways to get involved, visit their website HERE!

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