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Notes From Mrs. Hamp

  • Our Flat Stanley project is almost ready to mail. We will be addressing our envelopes tomorrow so, if you have not sent in your address, please send in an address of a relative that would like to help us map the travels of our Flat Stanley's.

  • Please work on Math facts with your child at least 3 times a week if not more. We have been learning about mental math and will continue to need the basic addition and subtraction facts memorized.

  • Just a reminder that Conferences are November 24 and 25. You should be receiving a reminder this week through your email from sign-up genius. I will also be sending home a paper copy as well. I am very excited about talking with each family about your kiddo!

  • Some students expressed to me on Friday that they forgot their book orders. I am submitting book orders on Monday so they are back in time for Thanksgiving break. If you would like to still send in book orders please send them in tomorrow.

What are we learning this week?

Phonics: Vowel team -al and -all

Math: We will be finishing up our Topic 6 unit of Mental math. We learned how to add double digit numbers by using manipulatives as well as a hundreds chart to help us see how we could use mental math to find the sum. We will start Topic 7 which will guide us to use mental math when subtracting.

Writing: As we start to learn about Native Americans, we will need to know about collective nouns. Collective nouns group nouns together: herd of buffalo, flock of geese, class of students, etc. We will use these collective nouns when writing a then and now journal. This journal will help the students to compare their life now to a Native Americans as we learn about the different aspects of how they lived.

Reading: We will be doing research to compare and contrast two types of Native Americans. We were introduced to the Plains and Woodland indians and will be comparing and contrasting their lifestyles and how they survived. So far, we have learned about where they lived in the United States and what types of homes they built. This week we will begin our research about specific tribes and how their tribes ate, traveled, what they ate and celebrated as well as the traditions they had for their specific tribe.

Vocabulary: generation, legend, and tradition

Happy Birthday and Leader of the Week

Happy Birthday!


Leader of the Week:


Mark Your Calendars

November 17: Book fair preview

November 19: 5th grade musical preview

November 24-25: Parent Teacher Conferences

November 26- 28: Thanksgiving Break

Phonics List of the Week

Call, walnut, almost, false, already, salt, fall, almond, mall, malt, also, altogether, animal, bald, walrus, final

The -al or -all spelling making the /al/ sound like in wall or also (broad A), and /al/ in total (short A but muffled).

Favorite Stuffed Animal Day

The class earned 40 compliments and their second reward party. While they were at lunch the stuffed animals decided they wanted to read about Native Americans and learn as well. In the afternoon after specials, the stuffed animals found a hiding spot and waited for their owners to claim them. It was a fun day with our animals and I am proud of their focus on good behavior in all areas of the school.
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