Berrien Springs Band News

April 27, 2018

State Festival Wrap Up

Congratulations to the High School Band! On Thursday, April 26th, they earned an overall Division 2 at the MSBOA State Concert Band Festival. The students performed very musically in their finest concert of the year! They performed two of the three pieces from District Festival - their march and "Gadget" - and added "Under an Irish Sky" for the State performance. They also had to sightread a (quite difficult) piece of music.

On stage they earned a 2-1-2 from the judges (2 overall) and in the sight reading room they earned a division 1. The MSBOA system weights the stage portion more than the sight reading, thus their final grade of 2. They earned a certificate, plaque, and red medals.

MSBOA allows parents and students to purchase recordings of the concert (please do - it was great!) and commemorative t-shirts/sweatshirts. Those forms will be available Monday for the students. Way to go Shamrocks!

Middle School Solo & Ensemble Wrap Up

A big congratulations to the following students! They performed at band solo and ensemble festival at Southwestern Michigan College this past Saturday, April 21st. All students medaled and conducted themselves with poise and Shamrock Pride. Division I's are awarded to superior performances and students earn blue medals. Division II's are awarded to excellent performances and students earn red medals.

Cristoffer Rivera, Horn Solo, Division I

Lauren Geates, Bassoon Solo, Division I

Daijah Latin and Austin Frambach, duet, Division I

Molly Sheppler and Anizbeth Contreras, duet, Division I

Jeffrey Blakeman and Isabela Constable, duet, Division II

Max Ashbrook, Trombone Solo, Division II

Aldrich Mongkau, Clarinet Solo, Division II

Collin Craig, Trumpet Solo, Division II

Laila Roman, Saxophone Solo, Division II

Molly Sheppler, Clarinet Solo, Division II

Band Seniors Present at Exhibition Night

Soap Fundraiser

This week we kicked off our "Good Clean Fundraising" campaign. We are selling 5 gallon buckets (640 oz) of detergent. We have the equivalents of Tide, Gain, Downey, Dawn and Palmolive soaps for sale.

Each 5 gallon bucket is $45. Payments can be in cash, check - made payable to "Berrien Springs Band Boosters", or online at When you order you will need to use the group name BerrBand-248. Please enter the student's name you are purchasing from so he/she will get the credit for the sale. There is a $1 surcharge when you order online.

Orders are due May 11th. Soap will be delivered to the school by the end of the school year.

If you have further questions, ask your student for the fundraising brochure or call Karen Moran (our sales rep) @ 419-305-7971. You can also contact Sherri Keene (our band booster president) @ 269-921-0506.

Blossomtime Parade - High School Band

Saturday, May 5th is the annual Blossomtime Parade.

We need some help! We are in need of snack donations (fruit, granola bars, etc) and squirt top water bottles. If you can donate, please contact Sherri Keene @ 269-921-0506.


10:30 am - Call Time

10:30-10:50 am - Load instruments/get into uniform

10:50 am - Final instructions

10:55 am - Sock check

11:00 am - Load bus and leave

11:30 am - Arrival at parade site

1:00 pm - Parade starts

*3:00 pm - Approximate end of our performance and back to school

*This time is very approximate. Timing depends on the speed of the parade/traffic.

Students need to be picked up at Berrien Springs High School. It is too difficult to arrange and facilitate pick up at the end of the parade route due to the high volume of people and traffic. Thank you for understanding!

Marching Band Leadership forms due Monday, April 30th!

Volunteers needed

We are in need of volunteers to help us with the following events:

Saturday, May 5, 2018 - Blossomtime Parade

2-3 Volunteers needed to walk with the band and distribute water.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - Spring Concert

3-4 Volunteers needed during the morning from 7:30-11 to help walk the students to the high school for rehearsal and monitor them during the rehearsal.

3-4 Volunteers needed to monitor students who are waiting to perform at the concert.

Sunday, May 20, 2018 - High School Band Banquet

2-3 Volunteers needed for set up and decorations.

2-3 Volunteers needed for clean up.

Monday, May 28, 2018 - Memorial Day Parade

2-3 Volunteers needed to walk with the band and distribute water

4-5 Volunteers needed to water the band at the cemetery

4-5 Volunteers needed to collect uniforms at the high school following the event

*Can't volunteer but would like to help? We are in need of water bottles with the squirt top lids. If you would like to donate, please contact Sherri Keene @ 269-921-0506.*