My Stories

Morning Quick Write


By: Jessi C.

One day I was at my house. I was really bored. I asked my dad if my friend Isa could come over. He said, “Go ask your mom.” So I asked my mom she said, “Go ask your dad.”

I just went outside to play so my parents could talk about it. I went inside for a drink and my parents said that she could come over. I was so excited. So I called her and asked her if she could come over. So she asked her mom and she said yes.

So I was outside playing waiting for her to come. Then she called me. She asked if she could stay the night. So I asked my parents. They said, “Fine.”

We were both so excited. So I went back outside to play while I waited for her. Then she was here. First we played with our password journals. Then I was bored again.

She gave me a B.F.F. mood bracelet. I was happy. Then I put it in my password journal. Then we changed into our bathing suits and we played in the sprinkler. It was fun.

Then my friends across the street Ellesse and Marium came over too. We were all dancing. I had a little radio outside. It was so fun. We were doing flips too, then I wasn’t bored anymore.

The End!