Principal Praises

March 21, 2016

DLI Teachers Rock!

We need to give special thanks to our dual language teachers at Bonneville. Recently they prepared some awesome displays for our Dual Language Immersion open house. Our English and Spanish teachers in the DLI program work hard together to ensure their students are getting the best academic and cultural experiences every day. They implement the instruction with as much fidelity as possible and still manage to fulfill their many responsibilities as members of the Bonneville faculty. Thank you Betsy Comish, Mireia Monmany-Codina, Linda Edwards, Sonia Pentz, Jodie Burch, Kevin Bruckman, Ann Roberts, Estrella Beltran, Dan Bigelow, and Elena Perez. Bonneville students are fortunate to have you in their corner!


We will hold a planned Lock Down Drill, Monday, March 21-1:30.

For this practice, the office will announce "Hard Lock Down." Close and lock all doors and have students hide under tables, desks, or in closets, getting as close to the floor as possible. Move away from windows and hallway doors. Remain as quiet as possible until an "All Clear" signal is given. If you are not in a classroom at the time, take whichever students are with you and move into the closest room with a door and take the same measures.


  • Teach Habit 6, Synergize
  • Habit 5 Principal's book of the month is ready to start going home Monday! Please read the story to and guide your students through the discussion questions before sending it home.
  • Common lesson plans and data input should be completed the night before PLCs.
  • 1/2 day Thursday for students, teachers' end of quarter work day
  • Report cards go home by March 29
  • 3rd-6th grades should be practicing SAGE-type questions every day
  • Please remind ALEKS Club students to come each morning for their practice!
  • Send Reading Club students at 2:35


  • It's important that recess times are honored
  • Lunchroom noise levels are very high; please visit with students about this.
  • Create CFAs that mirror CIA and SAGE questions.

Dates to Remember

3/21-3/23 - Employee evaluations finished

3/21-Lock Down Drill 1:30

3/21-School Fundraiser Assembly 2:00

3/21-Reading Clinic

3/22-4th Grade field trip all day

3/22-PLCs 5-6th, 3rd

3/22-Faculty Meeting-Test Prep

3/23-End of 3rd Quarter

3/24-Early Out-Teacher Prep

3/24-PLCs 1st, 2nd

3/24-Leader of Month form due for April 1

3/25-3/28 Spring Break

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