California Chronicle

Pasadena, California

Interview with Jenna Fox

By-Ethan W.

Jenna Fox daughter of revolutionary doctor Matthew Fox has agreed to talk with the California Chronicle to discuss her changes that were once illegal 10 years ago. As you remember we brought you the story of Jenna as we learned that she was 90% Bio Gel. Our interviewer Ethan W got a chance to catch up with Jenna as she decided to give the whole story to California Chronicle.

CC-"Jenna can you tell me what the Bio Gel does?"

JF-"Bio Gel is a medical tool my father created that is full of 5 billion neutrons that can keep an organism alive for over 200 years."

CC-"Jenna how much of your body is Bio Gel?"

JF-"90% of me is made up of Bio Gel, the only part left of me that isn't Bio Gel is the butterfly of my brain which is only 10%."

CC- "Who are Kara Manning and Locke Jenkins?"

JF- "Back when I lived in Boston Kara and Locke were my best friends. We would do everything together. Kara and Locke were killed in the car crash that put me in critical condition. The Bio Gel would've saved them but their parents would not let my Dad do anything to help."

CC-"When did you learn you were in that fatal car crash?"

JF- "My parents weren't the ones that told me. I had to go to my neighbor Mr. Clayton Bender to find out. I used his net book to research me because my own net book was locked from anything about me."

CC- "Now you mentioned Mr. Bender, can you tell me a bit more about him?"

JF-"Mr. Bender and I had very much in common. We were both living a different life. Mr. Bender's real name was Edward and was a very close friend of my father. He was a pupil of the real Clayton Bender and when he passed away he allowed Edward to have his wealth and use his name."

CC-"Now in our previous story we talked about your late husband Ethan. Can you tell us more about him?"

JF- "He was amazing. During the period in which I had to hide he was one of the only people I could trust. He also had issues like me. He had once beaten up a man so bad he almost died. He was kind and caring even though his record didn't show it."

CC- "Who do you live with today?"

JF-"Today im living with my friend Alice and my daughter Kayla in Mr. Clayton Bender's old house because the Cotswold I had Lived in had burned down. I had really fond memories of that place."

CC- "Have you ever thought about moving back to Boston?"

JF- "Yes many times, but I have been encouraged by family to remain in California because of its good climate. If I moved to Boston I would only live two years. If I stayed in California I will live for two-hundred."

CC- "What do you think Bio Gel will do in the future?"

JF- "I think Bio Gel will save many lives just like me. I think the way scientists are devoloping it to make it better it may soon adapt to climate and I may be able to go to Boston."

CC-"Do you have any regrets about what your father did?"

JF-"In the beggining I did. I wished they just let me die. I didn't like it because for centuries I had to hide. Though now when I think about it I have no regrets at all. There all laws that allow people like me and I am finnaly able to be out in public. So really I have no regrets right now."

CC- "Thank you Jenna."

JF- "Thank you."

Jenna Fox is a celebrity kickboxer in the MMA. She was one of the first bio gelled people to compete in a professional sport against male competitors.

Featured Obituaries

Clayton "Edward" Bender-93, Clayton "Edward" Bender age 93 was a creative and very talented man. Using Clayton Bender as a pseudonym the man named Edward was a artist and loved nature. Using items from nature Mr. Bender would create artwork then take pictures of them to sell on the internet. One of Mr. Bender's most famous creation was the Pine Serpent. Mr. Bender loved nature, every morning he would go out to his backyard with a handful of bird feed. One by one the birds would fly onto his hand. The birds trusted him and soon all of the birds were on his hand. He was truly one with nature. Mr. Bender died of unknown causes early Sunday morning in his house in a remote location. The paramedics were alerted by his neighbor Jenna Fox. Mr. Bender lives by nobody because he never had a wife or children as we know of.

National News

FSEB Disbanded

Last week as we learned the FSEB has lost all control and was eliminated as a bureau of the United States new questions arise about why this sudden change has occurred and what will this mean for the future? About 10 years ago the riots against the FSEB was won by the people and the doctors. The government there by restricted the rights of what the FSEB could do. This allowed more use of Bio Gel and other products like that. This also allowed people who had received these illegal treatments at the time to come free and be part of everyday life. The FSEB's power continued to decline until a week ago when congress decided to officially get rid of the FSEB as congressman Jim Driftnet said, "We as a country have no purpose for this bureau as their job is not needed in today's society," then in a blowout vote congress decided to officially disband all employees of the FSEB and get rid of the bureau as whole. Many of the FSEB workers are unhappy with this decision. Many will have to find a new job and a new way to support their family.


Make sure to bring a jacket to work because it is getting cold out there in the morning but we are looking at highs in the upper 80's to lower 90's in the afternoon. The weekend is looking decent with highs in the upper 70's so get out there and have some fun outdoors this weekend. As for your children's bus stop weather it is about 70 right now not cold so you can hold off the jackets, but it will be hot by this afternoon with the high being 90.

Kings win another Stanley Cup

Last night the Los Angeles Kings won their record 25th Stanley cup last night beating the Winnipeg Jets 8-2 at Kings Center last night. After the game coach Anze Kopitar said, "These guys have determination, it has been in this organization ever since that first Stanley cup in 2012, back when I was playing, but this record means so much to this organization, and the whole league," As you may remember the previous record holder the Montreal Canadiens went away 5 years ago, a blow to the NHL, but now the Kings are the kings of the NHL.