Important Update

Blissful Mind Behavioral Health, LLC

Contacting the office, rescheduling & cancelling appointments, and urgent/crisis situations

Hello Everyone,

Due to the nature of what I do, I am not available to answer the phone throughout the day. Thus the reason, I have Jennifer as a virtual assistant :) With this fact, I want to let everyone know that managing text messages that come to the office number is something that I can no longer manage in a timely way, especially when they are sent outside of business hours or if I am out of the office.

As of 11/23/20, I am no longer accepting text messages about appointment scheduling, rescheduling, or questions regarding urgent needs or crisis issues. For all communication, please call 256-346-5505 or email me at It really bothers me to know that I may have missed your message. These days, with the huge influx of messages and people in need of services, things can very easily get "lost in the sauce" because the number you are texting is NOT my personal number, therefore no one is monitoring it constantly.

Finally, just as a reminder, if you are in urgent need or have a mental health emergency, please do not email or text me. Although, I do monitor my email more regularly, I am often working with clients during the day and after work I am trying very hard to manage my own stuff and take care of my own self care :) This is how I can keep myself going to provide quality services.

If you have an emergency, please call the local crisis line at 256-716-1000, call 911, or get to the nearest ER. DO NOT wait for me to respond to an email or phone message. Your health and safety is paramount, just get help ASAP.

After the crisis has been managed, we will work with you to follow up in the most timely manner. Please be patient with us as we work to make this transition.


Pam Tippit, LPC-S