family traditions

Delaney Spence

Current Family Tradition

Every year, on Christmas Eve, the whole family goes over to my grandma's house. While we are there we eat and then each grandchild gets one present from our grandma, but in order to get that present we have to sing a song to the whole family. If you play an instrument then you can do that, but you have to do something to earn that present. It's always really fun and silly. We usually get a good laugh, although, some people in our family are very talented with what they do.
The thing I like about doing this is that I don't know any other families that sing to get there presents, so it is a very unique event that we do. I am not sure if I will carry on this conversation with my family, I am not even sure if I want a family or kids. As of now it's not something I plan on doing, but I bet that will change in the future.

the future

Traditions I Want

I think it would be splendid if I let my child(ren) do whatever they want on all there birthdays where they are turning an even number. I would start this on there 8th birthday. It could be doing stuff with the family, or doing something with their friends, but I think that it would be neat.

Why Would I Start This?

I would start this tradition because I have never done anything for my birthday, and I have always wanted to just do whatever I want, be left alone and do fun stuff with my friends. So, that's why I think it would be a good idea. Just something fun to do. If they wanted to do something with the family, then of course there would be a price range, but as of now I cant tell you what that would be.