State Government Project

Tyler Tomoda, Drew Smithson - 6th

Local State Representitive

Name: Ratliff, Bennett

District: 115

Political/Personal Views:

He values education, and he was in support of the additional $1.5 billion increase of funding to go to schools. Some of the programs will benefit the teachers retirement ap classes and adult basic education classes. Dallas morning news cited him as one of the best new representatives.

School Information

Total: 44,419

<18: 13,993

18-64 years: 67.8% (113,178)

With a College Degree: 49.5% (55,357)

Compared to State: 26.1%

Occupation: Common job is Education/Health Care for the state - 21.2%

For this district, it is Professional, scientific, management, administrative - 18.1%

Texas State Agency

Texas Workforce Commission


"To promote and support a workforce system that creates value, and offers employers, individuals, and communities the opportunity to achieve and sustain economic prosperities."

Main Function:

It is to help people find jobs and help employers find the best workers.

How it impacts the residents of Texas:

- It has carrier schools to help people train for jobs.

- It provides information and assistance for anyone who has been a victim of employment discrimination.

- It helps businesses prevent and manage layoffs.

Jobs/Professions in the Agency:

- Commissioners

- Veteran service workers

- Business liaison

News Article:

The Texas Workforce Commission has given the Del Mar College a large grant. It is 1.7 million dollars, and it was presented by one of the Commissioners of the Texas Workforce. This grant money is to help the college hire teachers and provide training so that the college can have more programs for students. These programs will help students get jobs that are in need and will support the Texas economy.