January 11, 2019

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Message from the Principal

Happy New Year Parents and Guardians of the PAWSOME Pumas,

On behalf of the entire staff, I would like to thank you for all of the signs and gifts of appreciation you bestowed upon us during the holiday season. We are extremely grateful, and we want you to thank you for giving us the greatest gift of all, the opportunity to be part of your children's lives.

This week, the scholars were determined to SHOW WHAT THEY KNOW during our MAPs testing. We will be taking this information and sharing it with scholars and parents in the very near future. For the winter MAPs assessment, scholars will have their names entered in a drawing for demonstrating any growth on the assessment.

I want to encourage all parents to help us with ensuring that we are aligning with the drop-off and pick-up procedures before and after school. The rationale for not using the parking lots is rooted in the safety of our scholars and families. We have had several close encounters lately, and we would like to make sure that all members of our community are safe.

Have a great weekend, and we look forward to seeing you bright and early Monday morning!

Upcoming Dates

1/16: Taco John's Night

1/18: Student Council Meeting

1/21 & 1/22: NO SCHOOL

1/31: Grade 5 to Planetarium

2/1: Scrip Order Deadline

2/4: PTA Culver's Night

2/5: Grade 1 to Reichl Orthodontics

2/8: Kindergarten to Sunset Playhouse

PTA News

Join us for Taco John's night on January 16th from 4-8pm. 25% of all sales during that time go to the Prairie PTA.

We are still looking for volunteers to help us at our annual spring fundraiser, Puma Palooza. If you know of a business who would donate time/services or a raffle item, please email We are also looking for people to help us get letters/emails out to businesses. Let's continue to make this a great event!

Please be on the lookout in your students folders as information for our annual talent night will be coming out shortly.

If there are any questions or concerns, please email

Yearbook Orders

Yearbook order forms went home with all of our scholars recently and are due by February 20, 2019. The cost this year is $11.00 and is only available to order at this time. You did not place a yearbook order in the fall with your picture orders. You may send the envelope back with cash or check payable to Interstate Studio or order online at with the order code of 34643V. If you have any questions or need an additional order form, please contact our office.

Family Mental Health Nights

You are Invited to Join...

Community Mental Health Partnership Parent Nights

-Informational sessions for Parents and Guardians-

Trauma, Security, and Good Enough Parenting

January 31, 2019 from 6:00pm-7:30pm

Lowell Elementary

140 N Grandview Blvd, Waukesha, WI 53188

All Parents want what is best for their let's learn what it means to be the “Good Enough” parent, understand how trauma impacts all of us, and provide security and emotional support for our children.

Building Resiliency: Healthy Bodies and Minds

March 20, 2019 from 6:00pm-7:30pm

Prairie Elementary

1801 Center Rd, Waukesha, WI 53189

Building resiliency empowers children to grow from the challenges they are faced with. Starting with the body and the mind, let's develop skills that help on a daily basis.

How can I Help? Increasing my Child’s Emotional-Regulation

May 21, 2019 from 6:00pm-7:30pm

Hawthorne LAB School

1111 Maitland Dr, Waukesha, WI 53188

All parents have experienced tantrums, but when should parents reach out for help? What can parents do to increase their children’s self-control skills and learn effective ways to de-escalate their children.

The Community Mental Health Provider (CMHP), Amanda Rochwite, ATR, LPC of Family Service of Waukesha is preparing three informational sessions for parents or guardians to provide knowledge, support, and useful tools. Each session will be hosted at a School District of Waukesha Elementary School. Parents and Guardians are welcome to attend all three sessions. Refreshments will be provided.

Amanda Rochwite is an art therapist and licensed professional counselor employed through Family Service of Waukesha. Her position is funded by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to provide mental health support in 5 School District of Waukesha elementary schools. Her role is to build and support educator and parent understanding and ability to adapt mental health concepts into useful strategies to effectively reach and teach students influenced by mental health challenges.

Physical Education Newsletter

Click here for Mr. Booth's January Physical Education Newsletter.

District Enrollment Information

Here is important information on dates regarding new student enrollment for 2019-2020, school choice and open enrollment:

2019-2020 New Student Enrollment:

If you have a child turning 4 before September 1, 2019 - now is the time to enroll in 4K! To be included in the 4K lottery, you will need to complete the enrollment process by February 1, 2019. To find out more information on the required documents for enrollment please visit

Open Enrollment:

Wisconsin’s inter-district public school open enrollment program allows parents to apply for their children to attend school districts other than the one in which they live. The open enrollment application period for the 2019-2020 school year is from February 4- April 30, 2019. The application period closes at 4:00 p.m. on April 30, 2019. Late applications will not be accepted for any reason.

Parents may apply in one of two ways:

  • On-line (recommend) at

  • Although an on-line application is recommended, paper applications may be obtained from the Department of Public Instruction or any school district. Paper applications must be delivered to the nonresident school district. School District of Waukesha applications should be submitted attention to:

Stephanie Peterson

Open Enrollment

222 Maple Avenue

Waukesha, WI 53186

Who needs to complete this process:

  • Students currently attending a Waukesha school via Tuition Waiver for the 2018-2019 school year.

  • Students who have changed residency to a non-Waukesha address between September 1st and February 3rd.

  • Students planning to move into an address that is outside of the School District of Waukesha between February 4 and September 1, 2019; and wish to stay in the School District of Waukesha.

Note: families that move unexpectedly after April 30th are able to complete a Tuition Waiver form for the following year.

School Psychologist Updates

Please click here for regular updates from Mr. Endsley, our School Psychologist.

School Counselor Newsletter

See below for monthly newsletter from our District School Counselor, Heidi Edwards:

January Parent Newsletter

Raptor Check In Procedures

As you are aware, the district has started a new process for checking in visitors to the school. If you are coming in to the school during the day and staying in the building in any capacity (visiting for lunch, volunteering in a classroom, meeting with a teacher, etc), you will need to submit your driver's license. We will process it through our Raptor system and print a badge for you to wear. If you just need to drop something off or are signing in your child, you will not need to be checked in. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping all our scholars safe!

Health Room News

It's that time of year! The coughs, sniffles, sore throats, etc are starting to hit. Please read the Too Sick for School document to review guidelines for illness and return to school.

As a reminder, ANY medication (including cough drops) must have paperwork on file in the Health Room. All medications must be dropped off and picked up by parents.

Safe Arrival Attendance Program

Prairie has implemented the District's new Safe Arrival attendance protocol. Please read the information on the link below:

Elementary 2018 School Messenger Safe Arrival Program

Lunch & Recess Schedule

Click here for our daily lunch and recess schedule. Hot lunch prices this year are $2.20, .40 for reduced and .40 for milk. Adult prices for lunch are $3.50; you are welcome to come join them for lunch. Please stop in the office to sign in and get a visitor pass.

Free & Reduced Lunch

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications are available on the district website at:

Free & Reduced Lunch Information

Paper copies are also available in our office. Please direct any questions you may have to Jessica Huinker at 262-970-1048.

Background checks

Anyone volunteering in a classroom or the school or attending a field trip must have a current background check on file with our District Office. Click here for the link to complete this information. Once approved, there are good for three years. Our office can easily check if your background check is current. Please connect with Mrs. Anderson in the office if you have any questions.

School/Community Activities

All school and community activities are now being posted on the Waukesha School District website under the Community tab and then "Community Connections". Here is the link for easy reference. We also have the same information posted on the Prairie Elementary Website under the "For Families" tab and "Community Connections". Here is the link for your convenience. In addition, these flyers are also available through a quick link called "Peachjar" on the home page of both the school and the district websites.