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May 3, 2015

This week...

It's a busy week, and the time of year when we start to feel the pressure of end of the year. Numerous things to do, parents wanting "just a minute" of your time, meetings, irritating behaviors (from children and adults), and the concern about things that you had planned to do but not gotten done.

The most important part of our jobs, each and every day, is to love our kids. To help them know they are valued and treasured. So when those moments come, please stop and breathe. Walk away if necessary. Don't say something short that may ruin a child's day. I'm sure you have had a hurtful comment made by someone who had no intention of being hurtful, but it doesn't change the way it feels.

I had a conversation with Karen Friday, and she talked about how hard she had worked all week to "take herself out of" any issues so that she could remain calm and patient, and her students noticed and remarked on it. I'd ask you all to do that as well. Be forgiving. Show grace and love. It matters a lot more than any science, math or reading concept we can teach.

Technology meeting(s)

Thanks for visiting with the teachers from Cannon Thursday afternoon. One of the big take-aways I got was establishing a set of school wide expectations that we all enforce in regard to the iPads. If you're interested in working on those expectations, I would love to have a group with representation from each grade meet before school starts to hammer those out. It will be much more efficient if the whole group just has to review and tweak those expectations than trying to create them as a large group. Let me know if you would represent your grade level.

Technology meeting(s) 2

I was really amazed at the number of parents who were here Thursday night. The cafeteria was pretty full, and while we didn't do a count, I estimated 80-100 people in attendance. They asked good questions that we tried our best to answer, but also will be adding to a FAQ page that will be part of the school website. If you go to Glenhope's website, then to departments and programs, down at the very bottom is a tab for 1:1 initiative. We have started several pages with information, but will be adding more as we learn and decide things. We had 15-20 parents who went ahead and filled out the forms and paid the fee for the take home program Thursday night.

Small group minutes

Not enough people entered minutes from last week for me to figure averages, so the most recent data is for the week of April 13-17 and that was 92% small group for reading and 67% for math. We're way up in reading and down a little in math. That was the week before STAAR, which could have something to do with the math number. If you forgot Friday afternoon, please do that tomorrow.

It's been a pattern all year that we are doing more time in small groups in reading. That isn't really surprising, since we have been doing reading groups for a very long time and we had lots of expertise to tap into. If there is someone you know in the district who is having good success with small groups in math, we can arrange for you to go visit. You know how strongly I feel about the value of visiting others who can help us refine what we're doing!

This week:

Tomorrow, May 4:

Career Day

Culture Club: 2:45

Tuesday, May 5:

No WG am (District Leadership Team)

2nd to Zoo

3:00 GTU

6:00 Kinder roundup

Wednesday, May 6:

4th grade to SKY RANCH

second grade ASPIRE to Casa Manana

Choir 2:45

Progress Reports

Thursday, May 7:


Friday, May 1:


3rd to Downtown Grapevine