Heaven Is For Real

By: Lynn Vincent & Todd Burpo

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Book Review By: Renasia Dawkins

Everyone has a passion to make it to heaven one day. What if you had the chance to go to heaven, meet Jesus and some of your family members that have past before you and come back to the world and have the chance to tell your family what you have experienced while in heaven? In the end of it all, there will be a great experiences of ups and downs, but there is one person who can help you through it all.

In this family oriented book, there is a family called the Burpos that are a christian based family. They enjoy going to church and praising the Lord. On one exciting day, they take their children on a trip to the zoo. At the zoo they tried to get their their son Colton to touch the butterfly, but he just would not go for that. The next day, Colton was not feeling so good and they thought that he just had a little cold, but it turned to be something worse than that. Colton had fell asleep and his temperature stared to rise up. They took him to the hospital and it turned really bad.

Once the doctor had ran some test on little Colton, he found something horrible inside of him. The doctors had to do surgery on Colton and his family was really scared. While Colton was in surgery, he experienced something amazing. He ended up seeing Jesus while he was asleep on the table. His family was still praying and asking for a healing on their son, but did it turn out for the worse or was God with him every step of the way?

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