April 2018 (Volume 1, Number 1)

LPS Fundraising Efforts Support LPS Teachers and Students

From engraved bricks to the Taste of LPS Student Showcase, LPS' Legacy Builder Parent Fundraising Committee has been busy this year raising money to support programs that contribute to the excellence of our two campuses. Representatives from the Committee met with school leadership to review requests made by teachers and administrators and decide which programs, if funded, would be most impactful and beneficial for our students, teachers, and families.

After carefully considering each request, the Committee decided to allocate funds to make the following purchases:

- Ten microscopes, which will be used in 5th-6th grade science classes, 7th grade life

science, 9th grade biology, 10th grade anatomy and 11th grade forensics (allocation


- Five Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablets for use as a visual in elementary school art

classes, which currently do not have technology in the classroom for student use

(allocation $500);

- Artwork that inspires leadership in our secondary hallways (allocation $2000);

- PaxUnited Peer Mediation and Training Program to train high school leaders to

become peer mediators while allowing them to earn high school credit (allocation

$2500); and

- Folding chairs that can be easily cleans to replace the fabric chairs used during lunch

by students and families and the community during presentations (allocation $2900).

The Parent Fundraising Committee is currently making plans for the 2018-2019 school year. If you would like more information or are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Sheacy Thompson at or (972) 370-3650 ext 122.

Upcoming Events

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Krish Arora Takes Home the Gold at 2018 USA Open Karate Championships

Krish Arora, a 4th grade student at Leadership Prep School, earned three gold medals and one bronze medal at the 2018 USA Open and Junior International Cup Karate Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada. This competition was his first outside of Texas.

The young champion could hardly stand still demonstrating his kicks and punches when talking about his accomplishments.

"The spin-hook kick is my favorite," says Krish. "I think I've perfected it."

Krish received a gold medal in the 8-9 category for Kumite at the Junior International Cup. This qualified him to compete in the U.S. Open, where he earned another gold in Kumite, a gold medal for Team Kumite, and a bronze medal for Team Kata. Participants compete in divisions that are based on age and weight, just like the Olympics.

“It doesn’t matter how many people are in the audience, I focus like a laser beam on my opponent,” explains Krish. He added he competed against opponents from Mexico and Venezuela during the international Championships.

Krish, a 3rd kyu, has trained at Master Juan Galvan's Karate Academy in The Colony since he was five years old. He currently trains under Master Adrian Galvan, who will compete in the 2020 Olympics. Krish specializes in Kumite, one of the three major forms of karate that translates to "free-style fighting." He also participates in Team Kata, which consists of orchestrated karate movements and form as a team.

When Krish isn’t at the dojo, he enjoys playing chess and competing in chess tournaments. He is interested in pursuing a career in sports management when he grows up.

Big picture

Leadership Prep School

The mission of Leadership Prep School is to inspire students to learn, grow, and lead for a lifetime. The acronym P.L.A.C.E. summarizes the five key areas that have been selected as the focus of LPS’ vision: Parent partnership, Leadership development, Academics, Creativity and Excellence.

LPS is proud to be a Leader in Me based school that applies The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to emphasize a culture of student empowerment and help unleash each child’s full potential. Focusing on the program’s timeless leadership principles nurtures the skills students need for success in the 21st century.

Leadership Prep School is recognized as a “Computer Science Immersion School” by Code to the Future. LPS integrates programming and game design into its curriculum starting in kindergarten with more advanced computer science concepts introduced as students advance each year.

Leadership Prep School is part of the New Tech Network and partners with local businesses to engage students in project-based learning activities, which enhances critical thinking skills in order that students may become strong problem-solvers. Project-based learning methodology makes learning relevant and prepares students for the demands of the workplace.