Come to Atticus



This tropic island is located 350 kilometers east of Brazil. In the vast Atlantic Ocean and separate from the rest of the world.



This lovely country is so amazing that only person only person can rule it, that is why we have a dictator named Xiangwei. Xiangwei is the bests candidate to rule a country. This type of government is not that common in the world right now, so here is what is all about. In a dictatorship, there is one person who is usually of a military base and he gets helpers to spread his laws and rules within the country. Xiangwei was the leader of the Korean War and he helped get the final peace between the two countries.


Command Economy

This type of economy helps distribute all the money throughout the world. Everything is free in this country. You get a job assignment, then you work and that is your day. You do work and go home. There is no bad working times and you won't work for a long time each day. Health care is free and you can get auto work for free also. Along with all of this, you get 24/7 military protection!!!