Youtube Blog - Racism

By Felicia. T

Racism on Youtube

There is always racist comments on the internet. Youtube’s comment section is always causing trouble to others. Both youtubers and viewers have been harmed by racist comments and insults through youtube.Throughout the years, youtube has smarten up on ways to make their comment section safer. The racist comments on the internet have died downed throughout the years. However, just because racism through the comments has some what disappeared, it does not mean that it is still alive and well. Some of your favorite youtubers have been struck down by racist comments.There are also some youtubers like Shane Dawson or Onisons who make racist comments for comedy, not to harm someone's fragile feelings. .So youtubers who have posted racist videos and comments on the web.

Racist Youtubers

An 18 year old youtuber, known as Evalion, was forced off youtube because of her racist views and more. Evalion got the boot from youtube after she praised and sang happy birthday to Hitler and called black people n***** in her videos. She also condemning Jewish people. She was openly anti-Semitic, and opened her videos with her hatred for Jews. Her youtube channel was terminated because of the use of it violated policies against hate speech. compared to comments intended to be racist. Another racist youtube was a black man who posted a video about why he hates white people. He says that he is going to change the channel to be centered around blacks, and doesn’t want whites or any other races to watch his videos. He says many other things about how he doesn’t care for what others say, or their feelings for his comment on white people. Stating that as a black man living in a racist country, he has the rights of freedom of speak, and that he can speak however he wants to. Some people can’t help butmake a big deal when they see something surrounding racism. Youtube is an easy place to post your comments about anything, whether it’s racism, bullying, or anything. Sometimes we take that freedomfor granted and end up in trouble. Helpful Blogs: