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Oct. 14-22

Finishing This Week . . .

Tonight is the final home football game. Senior football, cheer, dance and band members will be recognized tonight. Marchers will need to be at school for by 4:15 so they can be ready to rehearse at 4:30. They will also need to bring a sack dinner or have something delivered between rehearsal and the game. Come tonight with your marching uniform clothes (black socks, black marching shoes and a white t-shirt). You may bring gloves and a hat. If it gets cool enough, Mr. Becker may allow you to wear extra clothing. The weather may get into the low 60's tonight.

Tomorrow morning, marchers need to be at South by 9:00 am wearing rehearsal clothes. We will rehearse until 11:00. We will load the truck, eat and change into uniform. Be sure you have your khakis and polos and some street shoes for after the performance. We want to leave South by 12:30 pm to go to Seckman High School in Imperial MO. We perform in pre-lims at 3:15 pm. All bands will perform again in finals. That time will be determined after the preliminary awards. This is a local show that's super close, lets get a lot of friends and family out at Seckman to cheer us on. The night should be over, completely, around 10:00 pm. More details below.

Seckman Jaguar Pride Marching Festival

Saturday, Oct. 15th, 9am-10pm

2800 Seckman Road

Imperial, MO

Seckman Marching Festival Day Schedule

Saturday, October 15, 2016

9:00-11:30 am: Rehearse at South High (arrive at 9 to move equipment)

11:00 am: Rehearsal ends, load truck, uniform, eat lunch

12:30 pm: Leave South High

1:15 pm: Arrive at Seckman High School

1:50 pm: Move to warm-up

2:00 pm: Physical Warm-up in area A

2:20 pm: Move to music warm-up

2:25 pm: Music warm-up in area A

2:55 pm: Move to stadium

3:15 pm: Performance

3:30 pm: Return to buses, get out of uniform

4:30 pm: Be together for announcement of pre-lim awards

All bands will compete in finals. Finals begin at 5:45 pm. Warm-up is 55 minutes prior to finals performance time.

Finals awards are at 8:15 pm.

8:30 pm: back to buses

8:45 pm: Leave Seckman

9:15 pm: Arrive at South, unload buses/trucks

9:45 pm: Finished for the day.

Out of Class . . .

Monday, Oct. 17: Marching Rehearsal 2:30-5:30

Tuesday, Oct. 18: Marching Rehearsal 2:30-5:30

Wednesday, Oct. 19: Marching Rehearsal 5:30-8:30

Thursday, Oct. 20: Skill Set #6 Due; Marching Rehearsal 2:30-5:30

Friday, Oct. 21: Bands of America Super Regional Marching Festival--4:15 performance (details below)

Saturday, Oct. 22: No Competition; BOA continues--you may get tickets for pre-lims or finals from Mr. Becker or Mrs. Boone

This BOA schedule has NOT be finalized but should give you an idea of what we are looking at.

Bands of America Super Regional

Friday, Oct. 21st, 1-7:45pm

901 North Broadway

St. Louis, MO

Bands Of America Super Regional, St. Louis

Friday, Oct. 21, 2016

Attend blocks 2, 4 and 6 as normal

1:00--Come to band room, change into uniform

1:40--Leave Parkway South for the Dome at the America’s Center

2:10--Enter the parking lot, unload trucks

3:10--Band physical warm-up/Pit warm-up

3:30--Band music warm-up

3:50--Pit report to field

4:05--Band report to field

4:15--Performance time

4:30--Picture outside

4:45--Back to the buses, change into polos and khakis.

5:15--Leave the Dome at the America’s Center.

5:30--Arrive at Ballpark Village for dinner--MAYBE

6:45--Leave Ballpark Village for South

7:15--Arrive at South, unload trucks, hang up uniforms.

There are tickets available for Saturday pre-lims and finals.

Long Term. . . .

Nov. 4—End of 2nd 6 weeks (should have 1st 7 skill sets recorded)

Nov. 7-8—No School

Nov. 7—All-Suburban Band Auditions (optional-4-10 pm at Parkway North High School)

Nov. 18-20—Craft Fair (optional, another opportunity to raise money to help with band fees)

Nov. 21—All-Suburban Band Rehearsal (required for those who made the band)

Nov. 23-25—Thanksgiving Break No School

Nov. 28—All-Suburban Band Rehearsal (required for those who made the band)

Dec. 3—All-State Band Auditions (optional and only available to those who made the All-Suburban Band)

Dec. 15—South Area Band Concert TENTATIVE—this has not been approved on the calendar yet.

Dec. 20-22—Final Exams (exact date for 3rd block Symphonic Percussion has not been decided yet, all 10 Skill Sets should be recorded)

In Class. . .

We will warm-up next week with Skill Set #6: DUE ON THURSDAY, OCT. 20

Freshmen: p. 53 Long Tone 3A Combination Study--Various sticking patterns with 8th note check, last line is 16th note variations--you must use the written sticking pattern.

Sophomores: p. 8A Options 1 and 2: Option 1 continues slurs but adds non slurred notes. Option 2 is about accuracy in 4ths in a 16th note pattern.

Year 3/4 Snare Drum: p. 53 Long Tone 3B Combination Study--Various sticking patterns with 8th note check, aim for speed as best as you can play it--you must use the written sticking pattern.

Year 3/4 Mallets: p. 8B Option4: Single independent strokes on 4ths and 5ths. The motion is a doorknob turn with the arm and wrist maintaining the up position. Use the written sticking.

Honors Option 5: If you are applying for Honors, you will need to perform Option 5: Single Independent Strokes for both hands simultaneously.

Performance Tests for the week are:

Symphony No. 4 Top - 17 (Paper is also due)

Stubernic 43-47

Six Slick Stix Click Licks 25-38

Songs where you should be working on your paper:

Drums on The Delta

Home by Sundown

Latin Fantasy

    Marching Season is almost over!

    Non-marchers, our schedule should start to become more relevant to you within a week or so. Stay tuned and don't zone out!