Fidel Castro

The most prolific dictator in the history of Latin America

Fidel Castro's original style of Communism is the reason that Cuba flourished under his rule.

The picture is from a news report on how Fidel Castro's time as dictator was one of the most beneficial times in Cuba's history. So much so that this reporter goes on a tangent saying that other DEMOCRATIC countries could benefit by becoming a communist nation

-Castro improved the economy of Cuba so much that they became a global trade market.

The Cuban exports of tobacco and sugar led to one of the largest economic growths in Latin American history. The Cuban cigar is world renowned for its length and flavor. And it was discovered due to Castro's involvement in world markets.

-Fidel Castro's regime increased the Nationalistic views of the country.

The nationalism in Cuba that was seen under Fidel Castro's rule was brought forth by his constant speeches to the people. Castro told his people that the reason for their squalor was due to America and its oppressive nature towards countries that it wants to control. This sparked the Cuban people to began to feel intense nationalism, and begin rebuilding their poverty ridden country.

-Fidel Castro brought about the biggest improvement in infrastructure that Cuba had ever seen

Castro started the Cuban Literacy Campaign, in which each year, each student who could read and write would teach a Cuban who could not read or write to become literate. Castro also vastly improved the roads, hospitals, workforces, and schools to become the best they could in Cuba.
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Date: September 2nd, 1962

I just came back from a political rally rally led by Castro himself. He has told us that our soviet allies in the east have given us an economic backing. He has promised us that our pleas of a better country have been heard. Our country will finally be able to become that which it is in our dreams, a global superpower. We will be able to sustain our infrastructure,

The way that Fidel Castro used Communism in his country allowed Cuba to experience one of its longest states of happiness and success in its history.

-Castro used his influence to gain the support of other Communist nations around the


-Castro used the money he made to improve the country's infrastructure, ultimately

giving the money back to the people of Cuba.

-Castro became the hero of his country by making Cuba a place worth valuing, leading to

one of Cuba's largest periods of nationalism it has ever witnessed.