Improve Student Reading Skills

Val Verde Unified Literacy Grant

Dear Mrs. Doskocil,

Would you like the opportunity to change the lives of 2/3 of your at-risk students? Our interactive reading instruction programs have the power to eliminate the biggest problem in education today – the lack of reading skills. You are invited to apply for a “Reading Fitness” Literacy Grant worth $30,000 for one of your school sites.

Cornerstone Learning Technology is offering a grant package for one Val Verde elementary school site. Our Reading Fitness Literacy Grant Program will dramatically affect your students' reading skills and boost their academic progress. Our program includes two online reading programs, Lexia Core5 and Reading Plus. Currently, our reading fitness program is already widely used in districts RUSD, CNUSD, and RIMSD.

These programs represent the latest and best in online interactive learning and will improve the reading abilities of your targeted student population. Both programs provide accurate, up-to-the-minute data on activity and progress by student, class and school. Reports are instantly available for teachers and administrators and provide excellent information for management and RtI.

The Literacy Grant Program for one school site in the Val Verde Unified School District will include:

  • Unlimited user licenses for Lexia Core5, with 1 year hosting
  • Unlimited user licenses for Reading Plus, with 1 year hosting
  • Publisher support
  • Staff Training
  • Project Support

If you have any questions, please contact me at or (888) 819-1401 ext. 103.

I hope I’ll have the opportunity to work with you and that I’ll hear from you soon.

With best wishes,

Carrie Page

Teacher Consultant

Cornerstone Learning Technology


A Personalized Reading Program for Grades Pre-K-5

Lexia believes in the teacher's ability to change students' lives. Administrators, principals, parents, and all of us play a part in supporting teachers' efforts.

Our goal is to foster learning environments where:

  • Students are motivated by their own success and have their own learning path.
  • Information about student performance is easy to obtain and simple to interpret.
  • Teachers have the resources they need to provide direct instruction and intervention.

Lexia Reading Core5 helps student of all abilities build their foundational reading skills through technology and direct instruction. The program was created to help students in grades pre-k-5 to become successful readers and prepare them for college, career, and the Common Core State Standards.

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The New Reading Plus From Reluctance to Readiness

The new Reading Plus

Reading Plus is the only Common Core aligned reading intervention that prepares students to engage with complex text by developing all three dimensions of successful readers: capacity, efficiency, and motivation. Developed in partnership with leading reading researchers, the personalized and dynamically adjusting program is proven to increase reading achievement for students in grades 3 and beyond.

Assessing the Whole Student

Students begin Reading Plus with a comprehensive assessment that provides a complete picture of each student’s motivation, reading efficiency, and capacity. Using the data gathered, the program determines the student’s initial placement within the various components and creates an individualized and responsive instructional path with personalized goals for each student. Multiple forms of the assessment, administered throughout the year, provide accurate and dependable benchmarks to measure student progress over time and assist teachers in making data-driven instructional decisions.

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