Influences On Our Food Choices

By: Allison Poskey

Physical Needs-

Foods to fulfill your physical needs would be foods with nutrients. You need fruits, vegetables, and meats. These foods are needed to keep you healthy, and strong. If you eat organic foods, fruits & veggies, and meats, you'll be stronger and healthier than someone who just eats processed foods. These foods give you more energy to carry on with your day.
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Psychological Needs-

Our food choices can differ depending on our moods, emotions/feelings, and body images. For example, if someone goes through a tough breakup, and they are feeling sad, they are going to want to eat something comforting, like ice cream. If someone is wanting to keep a slim, and fit body image they are going to eat healthy.
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Personal Food Preference-

Our personal food preference has a huge affect on what we choose to eat. For example if you have the choice of picking what to eat for dinner, you're going to pick something based off of what you like to eat, or your favorite meal. The taste, and smell of the food may help you to pick what to eat, if it smells good, or even looks good, you may choose that to eat.
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Food Availability-

Our food choices can vary depending on the availability of the food. For example, one of my favorite fruits are peaches, but during the winter when it's not peach season, they won't always be available, or in the best quality. So during that time, I won't be eating any peaches. Also, if supply is running low for some certain foods at stores, I may not be able to eat them until the producers are able to sell them again.
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Social Settings-

The social settings of the environment can also contribute to the type of food that you decide to eat. For example, at a movie theater what does everybody eat? Popcorn!! It's almost like a tradition, when you go to the movies, you have to get popcorn. Or during school lunch, if your friend buys something and it looks good to you, you may just go and buy it too.
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Society and Culture-

Society and culture effect our food choices majorly. For example, around Thanksgiving time, everyone cooks and bakes a huge meal for their whole family, it's a tradition. Or when families have a big Christmas dinner. Traditions are one of the main things that influence our choices. Religious beliefs also make an impact on our food choices.
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