Mexican Masks

from mexico

Background History

Mexican masks are sculptures in the shape of a face made to fit over a persons face. They can represent something or they can be used at celebrations to alter someones appearance. The mexicans used masks to represent certain stories in their culture. Some of the biggest representations were used to play out the stories of christ that were taught to them by the missionaries. The masks were made of many different things including wood, paper mache, wax, metal and etc. There was also the day of the dead masks which were made of sugar.

Mask Styillization

The main characteristics of this cultures masks are colorful and meaningful. They had both animal masks and human masks and sometimes a combination of the two. I noticed that a majority of the masks resembled a human face but decorated with colors and pattern. I would describe their style as fun and realistic. Some of the elements in their masks were shape, color, texture, and form. One of the main principles was balance and unity.

My opinion

My opinion of these sculptures is that they are very different and fun to look at. I like them because they are very expressive and show a lot of different characters. They tell a lot about a culture and often tell stories about the people. Ive also always really loved the day of the dead masks because they're so beautiful and colorful.