Runtastic Pedometer

Jillian Danehy


This app is not good, don't waste your time on getting it. It has pause and stop buttons and when you press start the workout might stop randomly. The app won't work if the screen isn't on, it doesn't record your steps if your phone isn't on your leg, from my experience.

Propose of App

The purpose of this app is to track your steps, it also can track the distance and speed. If you get this go-pro thing to go with, that part of the app can track your calories and tell you the weather but it may or may not be true, because I didn't try that part.

Does the app keep a record of your activity history?

This app sometimes allows you to exit with out losing all the progress you have made. Even if the screen goes to sleep it might not save your progress. Also at the top it sometimes will not say how many steps, but it will say it at the bottom. It may or may not track the right amount of steps.