Media literacy Smore

I think media literacy is reading and writing on technology such as laptops, iPad and phones. You are basically learning on electronics which is easier nowadays for students in the 21th century. People aren’t used to using books they’re are mostly on their electronics. Students could read literature and learn grammar on their own electronics. Media literacy can help students in many things. Like for one people could develop critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is used a lot in language arts. Instead of checking out books and having them bring it in everyday which is heavy and tiring for them. They could just bring in their devices. Student put their electronics in top priority.

Being media literate means to access, analyze, evaluate and create messages in a wide variety of forms. Being media literate means to be learning electronically on devices and being more futurized

Smore #3Audi R8 Commercial

In the commercial “Audi R8 Big Game Commercial – Commander – Extended Cut” (2016), Audi corporation, asserts that their product will make people feel like they will young again by purchasing and driving their newest R8 modeled car. Audi juxtaposes a retired senior man from present day to the past and shows how miserable his retired life is compared to his young thrilling life in the past. The purpose of the commercial is to show how the vehicle changes the way people feel and the enjoyment individuals have towards it. Audi addresses their vehicle to an audience that is more elderly or individuals that want to feel young and free like how they used to back in the day.

Smore# 4 Politifact

Donald Trump

Says Donald Trump promised to repeal Obama care, build a wall, ban Muslims, and more.” Donald Trump’s says so many times and came up in New York Times in May 2016 that he’s going to build a wall to prevent Mexicans from crossing the border. “Immediately after the shootings by Muslim fundamentalists in San Bernardino in December 2015, the Trump campaign issued a statement saying, "Donald Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” first of all to have your thoughts you have to see if the statement is true. I read it thoroughly and truly disagree with everything he says. Infect I wouldn't even advise voting for Donald trump. Millions of the people in the United States is based on immigrants. America was founded by immigrants and taken over. I feel like this is a hypocritical statement and there is no point in being so harsh and deporting immigrants. Know your history before you make judgments!

Ted Cruz

"I earned more votes in the state of Wisconsin than Donald Trump did in New York." Ted Cruz said this on Monday, April 25th, 2016 in remarks in Borden, Ind. The chart shows Ted Cruz had 531,129 of Wisconsin’s votes while Donald Trump received 386,370. That’s a 144,759 difference. That’s a pretty good lead. “So Cruz did win more raw votes in Wisconsin (531,129) than Trump did in New York (524,932). It’s a modest edge -- Cruz won about 1.1 percent more votes in Wisconsin than Trump did in New York -- but an edge nonetheless.” but I wouldn't get my hopes up whoever supports Ted Cruz , Donald trump beat Ted Cruz in New York with 60.4% of their votes.

Hillary Clinton

When it comes to fighting terrorism, "Another thing we know that does not work, based on lots of empirical evidence, is torture." This was said on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 in a speech at Stanford University. “When it comes to the real goal of getting useful intelligence, the preponderance of the evidence shows that the details interrogators will get from a detainee can typically be acquired without torture.” so basically torture does not work when trying to get evidence. People will say anything to get out of punishment. Some people actually confess on something they never even did, because they can't take the torture. The quote I can relate to very well. So I support what she says and I agree.

Our Society Compared to Proles Reflection

Proles in my opinion reflects back to modern day because we behave that way. We live in a society similar to Proles, because we have a percentage of people living low class or in poverty. There are people in our society raised in the gutters and as they hit 12 years old folks start working to support their family and buy themselves things their parents can’t afford to get them. So they go out doing the wrong work like selling drugs, in gangs or even doing robberies. As our society gets older they start going to middle school and high school. They see the flashy clothes and compete to look spiffy to impress their crushes or love. At such a young our society has hormones to have sex and experience love, some end up used and heart broken and some end up staying as a couple till marriage but is rare. People in our society get married at the age of 20 and it don’t last too long. Some end up divorced. At the age of 30 people in our society is considered middle age. They are out doing hard labor, or some end up very successful and doing work they always wanted to do in life. At middle age people in our society have kids to raise and things to pay off. Our society spend their whole life paying off insurance, mortgages, and their fees. Some have to spend pay off their schooling fees back in college, because their parents couldn’t afford it, so they couldn’t pay it off. In our society there is a lot of violence going on such as murders, rape, and robberies. People get in such petty fights for no reason, because of arguments or alterations. In situations like this, it doesn’t end well for both parties at all. That’s exactly how I would compare the passage to our modern day society now. People in our society don’t exactly know what’s going on out in the world and to this country. In my opinion social media play a role as a decoy for people in our society. There is so many things we don’t know about because we focus so much on entertainment. Honestly I’m that way too. Instead of watching the news like CNN, Fox, or Channel 2 news, I rather watch TV shows, sports, or movies. I watch so much entertainment than the news that I didn’t even know the candidates running for the white house. With these habits people don’t think about the bigger issues that affect our world. For example present day. Its March Madness now, and people rather watch that than the race for the white house between candidates of both parties. They are so focused on their favorite college team winning March Madness they never even heard about the rally in Chicago after a postponed Donald trump campaign. Some people in our society just don’t care about what’s going on out in the world, and some are very concerned and do a lot of research prior to events going on in the world.

Smore #6

Slavery took place in the 1700s. It did not only take place in the United States it took place in different places such as Europe. “One of the most pernicious allegations made against the African-American people was that our slave ancestors were either exceptionally “docile” or “content and loyal,” thus explaining their purported failure to rebel extensively.” slaves back then were too loyal to rebel for their rights. In my opinion if they really wanted to rebel they could have, because the Slave owners were outnumbered. “Consider how bizarre this was: It wasn’t enough that slaves had been subjugated under a harsh and brutal regime for two and a half centuries; following the collapse of Reconstruction, this school of historians — unapologetically supportive of slavery — kicked the slaves again for not rising up more frequently to kill their oppressive masters.” Yes African-Americans did rebel there were some acts that took place. It is indescribable for the reason why they acted. What they went through was beyond brutal. One of the largest slave revolt ever staged in the 13 colonies was Stono Rebellion, 1739. “20 Slaves gathered at the Stono River and raided a warehouse-like store, Hutchenson’s, executing the white owners and placing their victims’ heads on the store’s front steps for all to see.” “As the march proceeded, not all slaves joined the insurrection; in fact, some hung back and actually helped hide their masters. But many were drawn to it, and the insurrectionists soon numbered about 100. They paraded down King’s Highway, according to sources, carrying banners and shouting, “Liberty!” the slaves eventually joined and came together against their masters. “The slaves fought off the English for more than a week before the colonists rallied and killed most of the rebels, although some very likely reached Fort Mose.” The English eventually rallied together and destroyed the rebels. “Colonial forces crushed the Stono uprising, outbreaks occurred, including the very next year, when South Carolina executed at least 50 additional rebel slaves.” 1984 relates to this because the people are like slaves in Oceana. They are all brainwashed, because some support and love big brother just like how some slaves supported and cared about their masters. Slaves were living in a dystopia just like how Oceana was living the same lifestyle. I would say that the slaves had it worst though. They never had jobs or was able to do whatever happened in Oceana, because then again these are both in different time periods.

Smore #7

Media literacy explained to me what it really meant by taking this course for the semester. I learned a ton of stuff about the media and discussed my opinions and listened to others. The course does not only let you discuss your thoughts it opens up your mind to others thoughts and gives someone more ideas. The one thing I’d take out of the class though was the book 1984. The book did not seem to give the students any interests at all. When reading it along with the class I’d be so confused and wait for class to end. The book was very complex and took a lot to thinking or you wouldn't understand one bit of it. The class is different from other language arts classes, because it mostly focuses on what an individual thinks. In other language arts classes i took there was more of writing and grammar. We would have to label what a verb, noun, and other articles of a sentence. Media literacy is considered more of reading an article from an author and learning to understanding it. We wrote a lot of smores to show our reflections and thoughts. Not to mention in the course the class was to write a preci on articles, speeches, and even a commercial. I feel like we should feel free to go on media and find more articles of our choice and talk about it. I enjoyed when we were assigned to write a preci on our favorite commercial on halftime when the super bowl took place, because I enjoy watching the super bowl and watching halftime commercials and, and the performance. Last but not least you will enjoy taking media literacy with Mrs. Hicks. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have the grade I have now. Mrs. Hicks is one teacher I will remember when I graduate and tell stories about, especially my goofy class.

Smore #8

Technology has affected the world drastically and I honestly do not with there can be a change. People spend so much of their time on their devices that they don’t even socialize anymore. I see a lot of people at lunch that don’t talk to anyone, they just sit there eat and are on their phones. I had friends that wouldn’t even bother talking to others they’d just txt on their phones. Technology has changed a lot of individual’s attitudes, especially women (no offense). Nowadays it’s hard for men to talk to women because some are antisocial, or they focus so much on social media. I have a lot of people that been through it and I’ve seen it myself. As technology advances I don’t even think people will bother talking to each other. I had a friend that texted a girl that’s in the same bus as him and never bothered talking to her. I honestly believe there is no controlling social media. We have advertisements for social media now. People around the world are using social media such as, professional athletes, business men, construction workers and etc. id would advise having a time limit for social media like an hour a day, and break sown that hour to last the whole day. Then again the attitude individuals have towards technology its interesting. The way i don’t become a slave to social media is that i would open up my phone for 5 min check my stuff and then turn my phone back off. Just watch eventually instead of people talking face to face they’ll end up face timing each other. I have a lot of friends that find relationships on social media. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but the thing is what’s wrong with talking to each other face to face and expressing yourself instead of relying of technology. It’s all because of laziness and emotions