The Doll In The Garden

Kaylee By:Mary Downing Hahn


Miss.Cooper: She lives by Ashley, and she is really mean to everybody.

Ashley: She is really kind and thinks about others, and she is willing to do many things.

Jan: She is Ashleys mom, and she always thinks about her husband because he died.

Kristy: She is Ashleys best friend and she also does not like ghosts and scary places.

Lisa: She is like a ghost but nobody knows what she is. She is also very sick to.


EXPOSITION: Ashley and her mom moved into a new house because Jan does not have alot of money so Jan is trying to find a good job to make alot of money. Jans husband died so it is very hard for Jan and Ashley.

RISING ACTION: Ashley is very lonley and she wants a friend. A day later She finds a friend that is really nice so they hang out and have fun until Kristy said that their was a ghost in the forest.

CLIMAX: Miss.Cooper takes the doll from Ashley and Kristy found in the garden.Lisa really wants the doll back so she could fell better.

FALLING ACTION: Ashley finds out that Lissa is not a ghost and that she will die. Miss.Cooper goes in the woods and saw that Lissa was there so she gave the doll back. When they got out of the woods Miss.Cooper was really nice and she was not the grouchy person like she was before.

RESOULTION: Miss.Cooper was not mean she had gotten nice and she gave the doll back. Kristy and Ashley went to the grave yard and looked for lissa's grave and they found it and Lissa had died. So they put a pretty flower on it.

Theme: The theme of the book is not to give up and keep trying. Also try your best and try to save people.

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