Friday Focus

January 15, 2016

Important Dates for Next Week

Monday, Jan. 18

  • MLK Holiday---No School
Tuesday, Jan. 19

  • Erinn out at Mindset Training--all day

Wednesday, Jan. 20

  • Erinn out at Mindset Training--all day
  • FIP Team Meetings @ 2:45--Everyone needs to watch Module 3 prior to the meeting

Thursday, Jan. 21

  • Erinn at budget meeting in morning and promotion/retention meeting in the afternoon (You may see me in the middle...ugh!)

Friday, Jan.22

  • Angela and Mesha out at Counselor's Meeting in the AM

Nuts and Bolts

  • Commons Area: When your students/class use the commons area space, please make sure to clean up and move/arrange furniture into its proper place. We need to leave the space ready for the next group. It is thrilling to see so many groups using the space each day.

  • The county "Intent Survey" was placed in your box today. Please complete and return to Joan no later than next Thursday.

  • Please adhere to our birthday policy of "no cupcakes." We cannot bend the rule for some and not others. The only time cupcakes should be allowed in the building should be for class parties where there is plenty of time to make arrangements for our allergy kids. This includes teacher birthdays. Also, we need to stay away from latex balloons for celebrations.


  • Kimberlee Wright for completing your Gifted Endorsement.

  • Ashley Brookshaw for being selected to be a Fayette County Adminstrative Intern. Ashley will be interning at Huddleston Elementary for the month of February. Linda Krebs will be her sub.

Tech "What If..." Challenge--WEEK 2

UPDATE: We have shared 134 Tweets this week under the hashtag #SHMES2day with a total of 48 contributing. It has been a blast scrolling through the tweets each day. I've learned so much about each of you and the amazing things happening in our building. Thanks for sharing and keep it up. Another week of jeans for those of you "TWEETING."

Twitter is a great resource for professional growth and sharing. I'd like us to attempt this "What If" challenge.

  • Step 1: Download and learn how to use Twitter (get with a "techy" in the building or watch this Howcast.)
  • Step 2: Add a quick message about something great that happened at school today (students, adults, personal, etc.)
  • Step 3: Add #SHMES2day to your message so that others can easily read the thread.
  • Step 4: Earn a free jean's day for EVERY day that you Tweet! (offer expires on Jan. 22)
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  • Matt rock! Thank you so much for putting me on your schedule and working with me last week on helping me prepare my new Career Program for the kids. Also, thank you so much for offering to come and help me last Monday with some of my classroom guidance lessons since I knew I was going to be totally stressed with putting this project into place! I so appreciate you! Angela
  • Amanda Lane...thank you so much for switching CMT week with me this week! I was able to jump right into career lessons without having to do an entire day make-ups and I was able to work with the kids and chrome books. Thanks for always being so flexible!! Angela
  • A big thank you to Mrs. Vandergrift for attending the ACCESS training with me and taking such thorough notes. --Nancy
  • Susan Boykin-for making "snow" for our kiddos. It was a great fine motor activity for "southern snow challenged" kids, even if it did smell like coconuts. --Serena
  • Thanks to Cindy Bunn and Stacy Croft for always being supportive and assuring our IEP meetings are productive! --Mike
  • Thanks to Vicki Bishop for being an awesome teammate! --Mike
  • 5th grade teachers...thank you so much for helping me muddle through the date and times to get your kids for the Human Growth and Development lesson....--Angela
  • Jaime....what would I do without you and your tech help??? Thank you so much for letting me bring the 2nd and 3rd grade to your classroom to do the career program with your help of already having the kids logged in and ready to go by the time I could make it to your classroom. Thank You~! Angela
  • Shout out to my 3rd grade team for always being so supportive!! ~Kimberlee
  • Beverly Smithson for coming to my rescue and checking on me numerous times this week. ~ Kimberlee
  • Erinn, Cindy, and Erik for all your help this week -wouldn't have made it through the week without you! ~ Kimberlee
  • Kudos to Clara for being so inspirational to one of her kiddos that needed some encouraging words. Thank you for doing that. --Mesha
  • Thanks to my 2nd grade team for doing the "FUN" stuff we do! ~ Rhonda
  • Thank you Mrs. Harris and Ms. Messer for loaning me play-dough for STEM lab since I accidentally left mine at home! --Amy
  • Thanks Michelle and Kacie for encouraging and helping me to send out my first tweet on Twitter. --Sherri Harris
  • Sharon Norton - Thank you for your beautiful handwriting on my "Habit Owls" in my classroom! ~Holli
  • Debbie Chadwick - Thank you for covering my class so I could run home and get what I needed to be prepared for a meeting. :) ~ Holli
  • Ashley Brookshaw - for giving my girl (and me) a hug just when I needed it most! ~ Holli
  • Mesha Bolton - Thank you for making the hard phone call for one of my sweet students. I appreciate you! ~ Holli
  • Angela Miller - Thank you for lining up the high-school students to help in my classroom. :) I know that is a lot to organize. ~ Holli
  • Erinn - Thank you for pushing me out of my zone and trying out Twitter. As always, THANK YOU FOR JEANS WEEKS! ~ Holli
  • Thanks Debbie for all the wonderful deserts you share with our grade level! --Michelle R.
  • Thank you Erinn and Cindy for pushing me toward new technology. Tweeting has been quite fun! New and different is fun! --Michelle R.
  • Kacie Reddig- Thank you for always answering all my questions (and understanding what I'm talking about)! ~Tracy
  • Mechelle Wingate- Thank you for being the best partner I could ever imagine and especially for being super flexible with these conferences and craziness! Love you!!!! ~Tracy
  • Thank you Cindy Bunn for your special trip to the minute clinic! We love you! Kelley and Amanda
  • Thank you, Kimberlee Wright, for teaching me how to use Twitter! Wendy Butler
  • Sandra, thanks so much for requesting an item for us to start selling in the school store! I loved it! Bring on the suggestions I want more! --Angela
  • To my Minter family - thank all of you for your prayers, cards, texts, notes, treats and loving on me through my recent loss. I appreciate everything you have all done to make this difficult time a little bit better. Love you guys. --Laura

  • Melissa - Thank you for taking charge of my meeting last month. I owe you big time. --Laura

  • Erik - Thank you for your help with the two recent IEP meetings! You are the best! --Laura

  • Dave and Harold - Thank you for collecting tissue paper rolls and your continued support for ASP

  • Matt - Thank you for helping us with all of our little request including the weather (ha,ha) --ASP