Roman Republic

By: Lara Collins Period 3

Roman Goverment

The Roman Republic was the period where the Roman government was characterized by being republican. This was copied by other countries for centuries later and in fact, the government of the United States is based partly on Rome's model.


The Patricians were the wealthy people of Rome. Most of them lived in enormous homes and used slaves to work for them. They were allowed to vote for the Assembly since they were citizens.


These people were not wealthy, but they still were citizens of Rome. They usually worked as tradesmen or craftsmen and did this for a living. Since they were citizens they were allowed to vote as well.


Two consuls were appointed by the citizens of Rome. It was their job to govern Rome and both consuls needed to agree on their decisions. They were elected for one year, and were not allowed to consul again for another ten years.


Praetors were Roman officials who worked with the Consuls. They mainly had to oversee the Roman justice and had to command the army. They were also in charge of the city when the Consuls were not available.


The Senators mainly discussed government issues going on in their society. Senators were retired magistrates and knew a lot about the government of Rome. They also had the job of giving advice to the Emperor and the two Consuls.

Centuridte Assembly

They elected censors and magistrates with imperium (consuls and praetors). They were also in charge for knowing when to declare war.

Council of the Plebs

It functioned as a legislative assembly allowing them to elect magistrates,try judicial cases and pass laws. They were also sometimes known as the "Concilium Plebis ".

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