What makes me tick?

Personality, Emotions, and Social/ Emotional Intelligence

5th Period Psychology

Written by Madeline Sims

My Personality

I know that through my life I have gone through many phases, but my personality has stayed the same. I haven’t been around long enough to really say if it will ever change or not; however, I think that my personality will not change. I give credit to my nature and nurture for giving me certain components to build my entire personality as I grew older.

I have always been introverted. There are a few times when it may seem like I am a bit extroverted, but I always need time to myself to really build my energy up. I remember not being able to make eye contact or even talk to anyone when I was younger and I never really became used to it because I am still the same today. I am a little more open to talk to people than I was a few years ago, but am still not as comfortable with the situation as I would like to be. I feel like if I had been more involved in places where I was able to speak to people more at a younger age than I wouldn't be as shy as I am currently. Both are my parents seem to be extroverted now as adults, but my mom has told be that she used to be shy when she was my age. Maybe I will become more extroverted as I grow older.

As I stated before, I do show signs of extroversion at times. This occurs when I am really excited about something or when I am with my friends. It does take me a few minutes to get going, but I’m fine after that. I have learned how to show these extroversion signs through my nature and nurture as my time alive has progressed. I am slowly beginning to learn how to become more outgoing so that it is easier for me to communicate with my peers and anyone in general. While I do show signs of being outgoing, I would still classify myself as a shy, introverted person because the changes haven’t been major since I was little.

My Emotions

Everyone handles their own emotions in their own way. I am not always so sure about how I express my emotions. I suppose that it really depends on how I am feeling because I may allow others to know how I am feeling or I may not. I believe that this really is due to my personality. If I’m really shy, why would I become so comfortable to share my emotions to others. I hardly even think about my emotions, so really wanting to be open about them would be uncomfortable. I would consider myself to be more reserved when it comes to my emotions over other people.

In reflecting on how I interact with or express my emotions, I really can’t go in depth because how how reluctant I am of keeping track of how I display my emotions; however, I believe that I try my best to express them when necessary. There are times when I don’t express or hide how I am feeling well enough, but in general I do so well enough. I believe that this is an outcome of my environment more than my nurture although both are present. My past experiences with my emotions have shaped how I view and react to my surroundings. Nurture isn’t shown much in this category in my opinion due to the fact that what your parents pass onto you doesn’t change your emotions as much as the environment does.

My Social/Emotional Intelligence

I believe that my nature played a much larger role than nurture did in determining my social and emotional intelligence. My parents never expressed certain values enough for me to pick them up on, so I learned the difference between right and wrong from others and my environment. I believe that what I have learned on my own so far is beneficial to myself more than what I what have gotten out from picking up on what my parents displayed. I would consider myself to have a very average social/emotional intelligence in general just because it’s not the best, but it isn't the worst either. There are times when I seem able to understand emotions and effectively communicate better than other occurrences. Both of my parents were never as shy as I was or am, so I believe this is a result of picking things up on my own as I grew up. I tend to stay more calm than either of my parents in situations that could very easily upset someone in. The ability to stay calm has helped me a lot in my relationships.

My way of regulating my emotions by remaining calm has been a major benefit in many different ways. I am much more able to take in more of my surroundings and stress a bit less than someone who may not see themselves as a calm individual. I feel as if a little time to myself every day contributes to my level of calmness because I’m not always having to do something important, so I am not always stressing out. Being an introvert is most definitely a value that contributes to my ability to regulate my emotions well most of the time.

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The Importance of Understanding Myself, My Emotions, and My Social/ Emotion Intelligence

I believe that everyone should have a strong understanding of themselves, their emotions, and their social/ emotional intelligence. Being able to understand yourself is very important because you may begin to feel lost if you don’t. You want to have a sense of yourself and your surroundings at all times because you will have a better chance at learning to accept yourself and the world you live in if you do. Before I had an understanding of the importance of social and emotional intelligence, I was never exactly sure what my personality and my emotions were. I had never really thought about the type of person I am and how I act towards others and my surroundings. I feel as if I have more control of myself now that I have a better understanding of myself.

I am now able to understand why I feel a certain way during many situations and why the way I express my emotions may change the way someone else is feeling in a positive or negative way. Regulating my emotions is much easier now that my understanding of it all is much more clear than it was before learning a single fact about personality, emotions, and social/ emotional intelligence. I feel like a better person now that I have a stronger sense of myself.