Changing Tires

Wyatt Reed, Shane Sohns, Aubrey Kennedy

The Jeep Wrangler.

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The Original Tires

The original tire size was 265/70r17, which were the tires that came with the jeep wrangler.
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The Replacement Tires

The size of the replacement tires are 343/74r17
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The Math

In order to figure out the differences between the factory tire and the replacement tire, we had to figure out the width, aspect ratio, height, diameter, and circumference. Once we figured that out, as displayed in the chart below, we divided the replacement tire's circumference by the factory tire's circumference and used that number, 1.17, to figure out our statements.
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If your odometer reading is 50,000 miles, you have actually traveled 58,500 miles.

If your speedometer reading is 70, your actual speed is 81.9 miles per hour.

If your mile per gallon with factory tires is 17, your mile per gallon with the new tires is 19.89 miles per gallon.

Modifications Needed

The only modifications that would need to be added to the car would be a 6 inch lift.

Before and After

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